An introduction

Yes, I know I have an About Me page that has the basics of my story, so I’m not going to repeat it, but perhaps enhance upon it.  I’m currently a single mom to two wonderful kids; a girl and a boy who absolutely enrich my life beyond words.  While in the throes of separating and inevitably divorcing their father, I had decided to cast out a net to try to find someone just more for companionship than anything.  I didn’t want to play the field but find someone who I could dedicate my time solely to rather than flit around person to person and only getting to know them superficially.   I met a man who first told me his name was Guillaume but went by Liam since he found the name Guillaume to be incredibly difficult to deal with in America.  Liam Allen to be exact. Conversation flowed so smoothly, so wonderfully.  He seemed to be everything that I could ever want.  He was charming, smart, seemingly intelligent, well read, had a wide variety of musical tastes as well as being musically inclined.  He had told me that he was born in New Jersey but his mother was abusive and after nearly putting him in a scalding hot bath where his father intervened, he was packed up and shipped to distant relatives in England where he was raised by a pair of Oxford University Professors.  He told me that his needs were always provided for, but they were not particularly caring or nurturing.  They had older children and he felt like in their minds they had done their job as parents and raising children and that he was a charity case.  He attempted to illicit reactions out of his mother to no avail.  Once he graduated high school he went to Oxford University in the footsteps of his adoptive parents and then joined the British Military to pay off some debts incurred through his college education.  From there he was recruited into the Ministry of Defense and took on a job that I was told was to go forward of missions, befriend the locals who would agree to act as look-outs and scouts for their targets which were terrorists that were fairly high-ranking in the post 9/11 era.  His scouts would tell them the coast was clear and he would personally pilot the drones remotely in order to attack their intended target.   He did this for many years until one mission involved a target that had women and children in the vicinity.  The scout recommended scrapping the mission for that night and Liam agreed.  However his superior disagreed and told him to attack as planned.  Not willing to risk innocent lives, he flew the drone into a nearby barn.  His superior then called him unpatriotic, undisciplined and fisticuffs ensued.  Both were discharged from service with the pensions that they had accrued to date.  He took his money and went to Mexico where he met a woman and fell in love.  Planning to marry her and take on her daughter as his own, they were unfortunately displaced by Hurricane Alex and after an arduous journey to the British embassy, he was flown back to New Jersey where his birth parents resided.  While trying to trudge through the immigration paperwork and such, he was notified that his girlfriend in Mexico was cheating on him.  He called her, she didn’t deny it and they agreed to break up.  He then asked for guardianship of her daughter in order to pay for private schooling.  He then sunk his money into a property in southern New Jersey outside of the Philadelphia metro area as an investment so to speak..  After a couple of years he then met me online and the rest is history.  I will tell bits and pieces of my story along this blog getting to the modern days of the criminal and civil trial that I’m going through right now.  There is a documentary that has already been done on him called Evil Up Close, another documentary to be shown on the Discovery ID channel this fall or Sky1 in the UK also for this fall.  William Jordan will be featured as one part of a ten part series called Handsome Devils.  I am currently working with Dateline NBC on a special about my story and there is another production company who also wants to make a documentary about this story between the 15 victims that are known and the 13 children that are known.  I am sure there must be other victims out there who may not have even known that they were dating a psychopath/sociopath.  Perhaps they were too full of shame like I was when I first found out the truth.  Perhaps they didn’t know where to turn or the articles written to date didn’t have a far enough reach.  Time will tell.  For now he has been incarcerated for 4 weeks and 4 days and hopefully no chance of getting out soon.   There will be more to come.  Thank you for reading!


6 thoughts on “An introduction

  1. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you are doing for so many people out there. Thank you for putting up with all of the negative backlash from people who don’t understand. Stay strong and know that many people are pulling for you!

    • I absolutely knew people would have a love/hate relationship with my story. It comes with the territory. I reply to naysayers and upon divulging more info that isn’t public, sometimes I can sway people to see reason and sometimes people just want to hold on to their judgment. I let go of things that do not serve me, so it’s easy to let those comments go, now.

  2. It’s the internet. You could put up a picture of a kitten and someone would call you names for it. Ignore the trolls! Your story is important and even if it saves just one woman, totally worth it. Kudos!

    • That’s true. There are keyboard warriors everywhere and everyone who posts here or emails me from my blog logs their IP address so I can block people if necessary. It used to bother me, but it doesn’t anymore.

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