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Needing Direction

I am having a really lost and misdirected week. First of all I am only one person. I am a single mom, work full-time nights and am trying to write a book, keep up with filming schedules, emails, texts, phone calls from various directions and the advice of people who may have more experience in dealing with the legal system than I have. Who am I? I’m just a victim trying to right a wrong. Trying to make it easier for victims of people like William Allen Jordan to prosecute their offenders. I don’t want another man or woman to have to deal with the legal bullshit I have had to deal with the last 4 months of my life. It’s exhausting. Victimizing the victim is absolutely wrong, wrong, wrong. However, that is what the justice system insists on doing, at least to me.

Let us start with the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office. The help I am getting from them? Very little. I have gone over the latest revisions of sexual offenses and some of them may fit to where I can keep my Nicole’s Law restraining order, but they keep knocking it down over and over again. I cannot double jeopardy Will Jordan on sexual assault by coercion but I am trying for anything else: sexual contact, aggravated sexual assault, luring or enticing……something! Everything I suggest to Steve Eife just gets knocked down telling me that there are holes in my law. He recommended to just talk to my legislators in order to try to get a law passed for the future. I told him I absolutely intend on doing that but at the same time I don’t want to let this go for MY case. So I am trying to find out where my senators and legislators stand on crimes. I don’t care if I have to email and call them every single day, request 100 meetings, I am going to do it. In the meantime I really don’t know what to do formally to try to get the prosecutor’s office to bring up a different charge that fits. I know that some do, but it’s a little vague and the interpretation can go my way. They just aren’t willing to try. I did receive notice that arraignment is coming up on August 11th. I know that there is going to be a pre-araignment for discovery to be passed from the prosecutor’s office to Jordan’s attorney. They still have YET to get my hidden camera footage where Jordan basically admits all his wrongdoing with multiple victims. Of course he tried to make it seem like it was the faults of the women but he admitted he was no angel. Some of the things on the videos are chilling. What he planned to do in the future to escape his past, all of it is on video. If I can’t totally get him to the full extent that I would be content with then I will just continue to go to the media and make sure that he and his crimes are known coast to coast to men and women everywhere since his crimes didn’t just involve scamming women but men that he was in business with as well. He has no qualms telling associates that his wife is sick with cancer and dying or telling me that his mother was on death’s door to get out of obligations with me and to scam me of money to pay for an ambulance transfer. I am starting to believe that HE was the voices that I spoke with last summer into fall from the “Ministry of Defense” claiming to be Tom Chalmers and Marcus. I am also getting close to finding other victims and having others press charges against him as well. The more charges there are against him, the more time he can be put away for. That’s my first goal: keep him away from society so he can’t hurt anyone. Plus if he is behind bars, I know that both me and my family is safe from him coming after us after he gets out. I would love to think that he wouldn’t try to come after me when he gets out of jail, but there is no guarantee. I would like to think he is more scared of me continuing to expose him than I am of him. Honestly I don’t know. The last time he was charged with fraud, weapons offenses, failing to register as a sex offender and bigamy, he was deported thousands of miles away from his victims. I don’t have that. I am not moving out of the country like another one of his previous victims. I am here. He will be here. It’s really unnerving, to say the least so that’s why jail gives me security for a little while.

I am feeling kind of lost. I don’t know what to do, where to turn, what steps are the right steps to take next and hold my temper while trying to explain things. A lot of people have a lot of ideas and opinions but nobody can tell me if they’re the right ones to take. I don’t want to make enemies of people who can help me down the line. I want to follow the proper chain of command, the proper channels without bypassing a chunk of people who will end up pissed off at me for going above their heads without consulting them. I also don’t want to beat my head against useless walls and contact people who can’t even help me to begin with. It’s so hard, frustrating and makes me feel a little overwhelmed and a bit hopeless. I am more than happy to pound doors if they’re the right doors. I know that there’s no guarantees out there and that life isn’t fair, but I need to try to try the right way. Not the impulsive way or the way that other people think I should do it without knowing whether it’s the right way or not. It needs to be done smart, with careful thought. I feel like there is a limited amount of time and the clock is ticking so fast. On the other hand, I also need time to breathe. My work week was absolutely psychotic this week and the time off I do have has been spent doing things with the kids since this is our last summer before my youngest goes off to kindergarten this fall. I just have to find a way to just make sure that I can devote time to everything to everyone in the time that I have left that isn’t taken by work, family, sleeping and the kids. I know it doesn’t make a lot of people happy but it leaves with very few precious hours a week. I just wish this was easier and the fact it isn’t is really overwhelming. More than I thought it would be. So the one day off I have (today) I am spending it trying to research laws and prepare letters to send off to my legislators and other people who may be able to help me along the way. However it’s at the expense of doing things with the kids and I feel guilty about it. As soon as someone finds a clone feature, please pass me the info!

As an aside, the Discovery ID channel show about William Jordan is airing this Thursday at 9pm EST. There is also going to be a follow-up article with The Daily Mail that is supposed to be released before this Discovery ID show, so once it breaks, I’ll post the link to it. Please share this blog to everyone you know, especially if you live anywhere between New York City and Washington DC. I am really eager to find other victims out there and let them know they aren’t alone. That what he did was wrong and possibly get them to press their own charges against this guy so we can keep him in jail even longer. If they don’t feel comfortable with that, I understand. It’s not for everyone, but I know I feel very passionately about it. Thank you for all your support to everyone out there.


The Big Interview and Results

So let me go in chronological order. I will start with my big sit down interview for a program that is going to air nationwide, date to be determined. It was at a beautiful home about a half hour north of me. It was really great. I have been working with the producer basically since my story broke in the media and she has been so super amazing to me through this whole process. We did hair, make up, a car service. It was really nice and it feels so tremendous that they feel so strongly about my story, about me advocating my story out to the world and informing people about my cause. It was hours of filming that ran over and as nervous as I was, they all put me at ease fairly quickly. For my first ever interview like this, I appreciated all of their feedback and calming nature. I am forever indebted to them on this. So now they have to cut down my interview, talk to some other people and splice it together to fit an hour format. It’s changed my view on how news programs come about and all of the hard and diligent work that comes from it. They also have continued to do some digging on my behalf and gave me some new info that shocked me but didn’t surprise me. I’m holding it close for now.

For whatever reason the grand jury did not convene last week and according to my victim’s advocate from the original grand jury, it goes up to a judge for review and then back to grand jury for the final indictment. So instead of me getting answers last week, I didn’t get answers until this morning. Deep breath in and exhale. The grand jury did not indict on the 2nd degree sexual assault charge. They did indict on the theft and impersonation charges which are 3rd and 4th degrees. I was absolutely devastated. This is the big charge that would get him the most jail time, which secured me a Nicole’s Law restraining order, which is what would have gotten him to be forcibly registered as a sex offender at long last. All of the above is gone. So he is looking at and average of up to 5 years in state prison for this. I had a long conversation with the Burlington County Prosecutor on this case and it was a lot to absorb in terms of the process. He told me that my charge didn’t exactly fit because I didn’t have force, bodily harm or threats. In terms of coercion, I wasn’t “mentally incapacitated” and he said that the law specifically says that this means by intoxication, hypnosis or anesthesia. I find that hard to believe that it can’t work in the terms where I had absolutely no idea who I was having sex with. He agreed that William Jordan is the scum of the earth and we both agreed that this is only temporarily stopping him. That once he gets out of jail he will start-up again, maybe a little more trepidly but he will no doubt scam again and I can just make sure that it’s incredibly difficult for him to lead anything other than a lawful lifestyle and inform women all over the area of his cons, schemes and games. Enough is enough. 30+ years and over a dozen people later, it is enough. Time to grow up and take responsiblity for life. It’s got to be tremendously exhausting to live that kind of life on a daily basis and to more than one person at a time. I was exhausted emotionally from dealing with the by-products of his psychosis. Being gaslighted and love bombed sucks. It sucks the life out of you, the hope, your efforts, emotions. It’s a life lived in daily anxiety, stress, depression and only snippets of love, life and laughter. I see that now. At the time it was seriously hour to hour in terms of dealing with him. He is such a smooth talker that when we were together he somehow made me think everything was going to be ok. But when reality hit and I had a chance to decontaminate from his love bombing, I realized that it wasn’t going to be ok. Now do this over and over and over again on a near daily basis. That’s when I actually heard from him. IF I heard from him. I know that I need to keep working on a law that encompasses rape by deception, sex by fraud, something. I need to protect his future victims. His past victims. Myself. My daughter. My son.

I told the prosecutor how afraid I was of him ever coming near me. I don’t think he would be so stupid as to mess with me ever again, but I can’t trust that. He has never been put back into the same society as his victims nor have his victims been in the same vicinity as him. One actually moved out of the country to escape him. That’s pretty severe! I also expressed my fears of him fleeing the area. He said that he would be more than ready to extradite from wherever he attempted to flee from. That he doesn’t always go after bail jumpers, but for this one he would make an exception. He would be more than happy to tack on more time, more charges, anything that could be MORE to keep him away from society. I was a bit relieved by that but at the same time I don’t fully trust the system as of yet. I don’t know if he was doing damage control because he knows I am still knee-deep in interviews and can absolutely blast him and the rest of the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office for their lack of pulling through for a victim. Not just a single victim but the line of victims that have trailed behind me. I don’t know if he is going to go all Jekyll/Hyde on me once it airs or once production is done. I am hoping his words today were sincere, but that didn’t stop me from going to my contacts in order to take my next necessary step, even if it’s against them. I have a string of meetings, phone calls and conferences set up in the next two weeks. Yes, can Will Jordan apply to get his bail dramatically reduced? Yes. Per the prosecutor, they are going to fight to keep it as is. However it still falls on the judge’s discretion as to whether they exceed the guidelines or not. He also asked me if I planned on attending court appearances. I told him absolutely. Every bail hearing, arraignment, trial date, everything. I will be there. That is the luxury of me working nights. I can be available every day. I have sacrificed sleep before and stayed away 30+ hours on a near weekly basis to be with this man. I will not hesitate to do the same to see that he is prosecuted to the fullest extent that the law will give me and then make sure that he doesn’t con anyone for a very, very long time. Stay tuned…….