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Bonded Out……

So as posted to my social media earlier, William Jordan, aka Guillaume Allen, aka, Liam Allen, aka, Bill Jordan, aka Will Jordan aka William Jones, aka Bill Allen, international spy, Ministry of Defense worker, CIA Agent, Barclay Bank manager, terrorist killer, drone flyer, driver of the shady but in the end – a career liar whose full time job is to con it out of people rather than earn it honestly like the majority of society, was bonded out of jail.  I will admit I was really emotional about the call that I received from our VINE network, but it wasn’t entirely unexpected.  It was an array of feelings, from shock, anger, dismay at the system and even a feeling of failure to the other victims: known and unknown that I couldn’t keep them safe longer.  17 weeks and 3 days he did.  For the 19 months of hell, irritation, inconvenience and annoyance he has caused to me, my family and friends.  It’s beyond redonkulous.

What does this mean?  Well he was bonded out, so someone paid the $2,000 of the 10% needed plus the bondsman fees and put up collateral for the full $20,000 – usually property.  So either someone he continued to converse with while in the clink or his parents put up their house for him.  If he fails to show up for court, then the bondsman is responsible for the full amount to the court and can then put a lien up against the property for the amount.  It’s a contractual agreement.  Whomever does it need to make damn sure that he shows up, doesn’t run or risk losing their home.  Given his history, I sure as hell wouldn’t put that kind of faith into someone with such a sordid track record.  Our next court date is coming up in 2 weeks.  I’ve put my family and neighbors on alert that this man has NO BUSINESS being in this area (let alone this town) and they’re to call the police if they see him.  Almost finalized a video surveillance system choice.  While I don’t anticipate to ever see his lousy face again, one can never be too careful, especially based on some occurences past victims have had.

I needed to remind myself that this is a marathon, not a sprint.  It’s 1,000 steps forward, even if it’s a few tumbles backwards along the way.  It’s ok, it’s natural and healthy.  As long as one doesn’t dwell in that place for too long or even more detrimental – forever.  It’s been a tremendous 6 months of growth.   Sure, a lot of things happen all at once, but there are good things sprinkled in between and I wholly believe that this will keep going forward.  Fewer steps backwards, more happy times, more progress, more sun.  It’s important to build a strong support system whether it’s immediate like family and friends or external like counseling or support groups.  Just don’t deal with it alone.  A burden is so much easier to bear with many shoulders to share it on.  🙂

Still don’t have a new Dateline air date yet.  Spoke to the producer today who is going to call me next week with a status update, but she said it should be soon.  It’s my most commonly asked question.  Hope you all have a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend (in the US – which is our unofficial end of the summer season) Thank you so much for the continued support, emails, messages, Facebook likes and shares of this blog.  Getting the word out is crucial. Until next time!


Arraignment Day and the Counter Offer

I have been waiting for this day for weeks. Maybe months. The day William Jordan was arraigned officially on the charges that will actually stick to him. I knew going into it that the prosecutor was going to offer a plea deal of 4 years in state prison (of the 3-5 he is eligible for under my charges), a no contact order and restitution, which I am well aware that I’ll never see a dime of, but it’s just there for the sake of the possibility. The prosecutor was on vacation all of last week so the issues that I’ve had with the “miscommunication” had been shelved all week-long until today. I was having immense anxiety this morning as my phone calls went unanswered. I knew more than one media outlet would be there today, so I grabbed an iced coffee and headed out to the courthouse an hour early to talk to some people in advance. Once the courtroom was opened and everyone filed in, I chose my seat carefully. I knew there was a camera crew there, but I also wanted to not be in the eye view of where Will Jordan would be. I didn’t want to be behind the prosecutor’s table where he could look towards his attorney and catch a view of me over her shoulder. This way if I was behind him, he would have to blatantly turn around to see me and that would avoid any attempt at eye contact. In those minutes that I was sitting there, I’ll admit, I kind of lost it. I could just feel the emotion boiling up and I couldn’t control the tears that came. I hate any possibility of seeing him, of being in the same room, sharing even air space with that evil man. I am so thankful my mom was there and she held my hand as mom’s do and just told me that I was going to be ok, that everything was ok. She helped to keep me grounded in that moment and I reigned it all in and held it together. I wasn’t going to give anyone the satisfaction that he can still get to me.

My victim’s advocate came out to see me and asked if I wanted to talk to the prosecutor prior to the case. Of course while we were talking, the case was called, but without the prosecutor, they moved on to other cases until we came out. He told me that Jordan’s attorney wanted to counter offer something so appallingly ridiculous that I rejected it before he could get the entire offer out of his mouth: 364 days in county jail and a lifetime no contact rule that if he violated it, he could end up arrested again. Not only did that get a vehement no, but a HELL NO. I would rather he do the jail time and risk the contact with me than to let him out after such a short period of time so that he could hurt someone else quicker. I told the prosecutor, and he agreed with me that we would NOT settle for any deal that was less than 4 years. The prosecutor will only tolerate 2 more status conferences after today before demanding a trial and then Jordan can end up with 5 years instead of the 4 that we’re offering. Hey I have hours and hours of basic confessions on his crimes, so if he wants his own word vomit coming back to haunt him in front of 12 jurors and a courtroom full of spectators and reports, well please be my guess. The prosecutor told the judge today that there is this additional discovery that they had not yet acquired from me but that it was there and that they could acquire it within the next week or two. The prosecutor also assured me that he felt absolutely confident in all of our evidence that it would be a fairly slam dunk case. I feel the same way because I backed up so many old conversations, emails and was able to provide the bank records of the various bank transfers that occurred. That coupled with the audio and video I have? I have no idea how he nor his public defender can even think that he has a defensible case. Seriously? He has a long history of defrauding people for decades, what on earth ground does he have to stand on that doesn’t equate quicksand? None. I don’t know if he was waiting to see my hand of if he was just being his typical psychopathic/sociopathic self and trying to control everything around him: controlling my time, the prosecutor’s time, his own attorney’s time. At the end of the day, he didn’t take the deal, he pled not guilty and we’ll reconvene in a month.

I spoke with a couple of members of the media afterwards, notified Mary immediately of what transpired in the courtroom so that she could have immediate answers and she is also 5 hours ahead of me. I was getting out of the courthouse at 3:30pm my time which was 8:30pm her time. I always credit her with giving me my strength – or at least being the foundation for my strength in going forward with my case. The fact that she had the strength to be so public about her story – I would never have known the truth if she hadn’t made that choice. She takes criticism (as I have the last few months) with absolute grace and dignity. She doesn’t let harsh comments get to her. Her story allows me to go forward and keep pounding at Jordan and to not let myself get too down about some setbacks because I need to keep forward motion. I kept myself really busy over the weekend so that I couldn’t reflect on what was going on today and I had a chance to self reflect over the last 6 months since I found out the truth about Jordan. I think of the hot mess that I was in February through April and how every day was so stress riddled and how full of immense emotions I was then to the relief I felt after the arrest. I’ve really had a good 3.5 months to just be. I have also learned that I can’t do all things and be all things to all people all of the time. I needed to let a few things go to the wayside such as writing my book and working on my law. I needed to be a mom, work full-time and work on this case. I needed to be present while the kids were off for the summer. My son starts kindergarten this fall and I know that I can NEVER get this time back from them and will not allow Jordan to rob anymore time away from them than he already has. So I had a girl’s night with my good friend on Friday, took my daughter to the movies on Saturday and then went to Home Depot for supplies to build a firepit in the back yard. Sunday I took my son to a birthday party and then had a night out with great company afterwards. I refuse to let life stop or be paused because of Will Jordan. He robbed my daughter of 2 One Direction concerts last year, so what did I do? Got her One Direction tickets for this Thursday night in Philadelphia. I am going to make right all of the things that he did to her and she will not suffer. For the disappointments that he has given her, I’m going to turn them around. I want to continue to show my children that shit things can happen to you, but you can pick yourself up, turn yourself around, dust yourself off and keep moving. Yes, It’s ok to be mad, be sad, be angry but as long as you don’t stay in that spot, that’s what matters. I hope that I inspire her, inspire my son when he is older. Make them stronger people and less prone to ever be victims. I hope that In inspire someone else out there in the blogosphere to maybe get out of an abusive relationship or have the strength to get away from someone who may be manipulating them. It’s ok to be scared, it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to shout. Healing does come. For me it’s still coming. I wonder how I’ll be 6 months from now. Certainly in a much better place than now. I would LOVE to hope that this jerk will just take the damn plea deal and stop jerking me around because if he wants to fight it, by all means, I’ll go toe to toe with him and he will lose big time. I want to start working on my sex by deception law, but I want to be able to focus 100% on it and I also want to keep working on my book. I keep taking notes and journaling in short spurts. It will come eventually. This period will pass. I know it. More William Jordan victims may come forward. There may be new ones that come along once he gets out of jail (it’s inevitable). I’ll be here to support whomever comes along, past, present or future. Mary Turner Thomson and other victims have been a great source of support to me and I intend to pay that forward. In the meantime, this girl is going to keep moving steps forward and fewer steps backwards. Until next time……

A Victim’s Traits — And Using Them for Healing

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Tela has done an excellent job of summarizing common traits of people who fall prey to psychopaths here, as well as the “traits” you will experience in the aftermath:

A Victims Traits.

There’s not a heck of a lot more that I could add.  I do think it is important not to blame yourself.  Most of the traits are positive and make the world a better place.  Some of the “less positive” traits arise not from personal failings but from unfortunate life experiences.  It’s also important to not take being targeted by a psychopath personally.  They are creatures of opportunity, and will take whoever crosses their path that will suit their immediate needs.  It’s not about you!  Some seem to go for the most vulnerable people they can find, while others seem to prefer the challenge of destroying a person who is doing well.

Healing is a…

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