Fun, Sun and Prosecutor Hell……

Ok, how irritating that the post that I have been working on for a WEEK totally got lost when I clicked publish and didn’t save as a draft!  What the hell????  Now I have to try to recall a week’s worth of writing at midnight.  I will try to recreate it, but without all of the links I had searched up. *AGGRAVATED*

Ugh, to start at the beginning.  Yet again.

Let me start with our trip down to the Jersey Shore.  First time this season.  The summer hasn’t been super hot and that day the weather was perfect but coming off some stormy days with cooler weather so the ocean was a bit chilly for my liking.  Around 62 degrees when I prefer it around 72.  We played in the sun, in the surf, found live oysters and little burrowing sand crabs (although I really don’t know what they’re really called).  We were eating lunch and some Kamikaze seagull divebombed at me and took my half a hoagie right out of my hands as I was taking a bite!  No joke!!!  Then several other seagulls were fighting over the bits.  The tomatoes were the only things left behind.  Crazy!!!  My mom said that when another family were all at the sea-side, they pecked into a bag and ate their food and my daughter said she saw one flying with a snack sized bag of Doritos.  New Jersey seagulls are NO JOKE!   They are the squirrels of the beach.  Pesky things!

20140716_140007 (1)

So my kids are 13 and 5.   I took them to our local county farm fair for fun, farm animals, pig races, some rides and all kinds of other vendors.  We ate fried foods, drank root beer out of steel mugs and had a great time!


Next I had some follow-up filming for the national show that should be airing next month (air date to come soon!).  It was footage that will be cut into the big interview that I did a couple of weeks ago.  They rented a farmhouse from the 1700’s for 2 days.  I drug my daughter (the 13-year-old) with me that day to kind of have a behind the scenes sort of thing going on as well as some fun on the 40+ acres that the farm has to offer.  Not only is there an Inn in the original house, it’s a working p fa and a nature day camp.  It was truly breath-taking and my daughter loves to take artsy photos using different light and filters.  It was super hot that day and the filming day was long (about 10 hours).  The crew was fabulous, the food delicious and it made me seem a bit less awkward.  Of course any day with a glam squad is a great day!  Here is the house we filmed in.


Next came the American Airing of “Handsome Devils” which aired here on Investigation Discovery.  It filmed over in the UK last fall featuring primarily the story of Mary Turner Thomson and Will Jordan and all that he did to her, but it also featured a short bit about his other wife and my own.  When I had found out who Liam Allen truly was, Mary put me in touch with the production company who was already in post-production on the show.   I did a short Skype interview with them, of which only a short, edited version was shown.  It was also slightly inaccurate saying that he was arrested on theft, when really he was arrested on sexual assault by coercion, theft by deception and impersonating a government official.  I know the media only has so much time and space for things but ONE media outlet has yet to get it completely correct yet.   I read some of the comments about the show and was shocked to see how many were negative, painting the victims as gullible, missing the red flags, desperate and naive. It’s hard to explain that unless they have lived it, they really can’t judge effectively.  They really shouldn’t judge at all.  The story was done chronologically in Mary’s story and some of the information was figured out after the truth came out but was still relevent to the story such as the high chair tipping incident.  Just understand that editing is done on purpose.  It’s a decade of information cut to 42 minutes.  You’re not going to get the whole story of what this man did to Mary, to “Michelle” and myself in just that short amount of time.  It’s meant to be a glimpse, not the whole picture.  I had to work the night it was live, but watched it on my DVR the very next morning.  It brought back a lot of raw emotion from the spring.  Towards the end I was violently shaking.  I had a lot of friends at the tip of my fingertips that I was texting and facebooking with who helped me through it.  Those of my friends who saw it, gave great feedback on it.  It gave them a different view of what Will Jordan is capable of doing and they were horrified.  Rightfully so because it’s horrifying!  It’s why I feel so passionate about stopping him.  For all of those victims, for the victims we don’t know about yet and for the future victims that are inevitable. Keeping the word going is what is going to educate people to psychopaths like this one.

Had a going away party for a co-worker whom I am going to miss dearly.  We didn’t have her for long, but she brought us fun, with, laughter, wisdom and 3am dance parties to get our blood moving.  I will have snazzy scarf this fall and winter thanks to her I can never hear Pharrell’s Happy without thinking of her just busting out in a dance mid-shift.  Wherever she goes next is going to be one lucky place to have her!

Speaking of work, it’s been nuts!  I know summers are busy but the last week has just been a hodge podge of everything and anything that crosses our threshold.  I’m just so lucky and privileged to work with such a great team of nurses, doctors, techs and secretaries that are just such an amazing cohesive unit.   It’s been an amazing 2.5 years with them and I hope for many, many more in the future.

This brings me to this past Monday.

So I had a pre-arranged phone conference with the prosecutor on my case this past Monday.  We talked about expectations and I again brought up the possibility of extra charges and what kind of time we were looking at. He said that Jordan could get 3-5 but was going to offer 4 in state prison for a guilty plea. He said that the case was somewhat mishandled at the local level and that the time frame had passed for certain things (like a search warrant). I asked him directly if he was going to offer a plea deal at the upcoming court date and he said he may.  I asked about extra charges and he told me verbatim “I can only prosecute the charges I have”.  Ok then.  I got some advice and went back to my local police department and spoke to a detective the next day. He was angry at the accusation that they mishandled the case and said he would be talking to the prosecutor.  I told him he was more than welcome to and to keep me updated.  I told the detective that I had done some research and found some charges that applied to my case, but ultimately I wanted to try for luring which would let me have the Nicole’s Law restraining order back.  I had also asked the prosecutor about the fraudulent credit cards that Jordan had on himself when he was arrested.  He said that it would be up to one of the arresting bodies to pursue that, more than likely Cherry Hill since they were the first ones to arrest him.  He said I wasn’t the victim in that case and the banks hadn’t come forward so…….    So what?  So it’s ok for him to have them?  The banks have thousands if not millions of customers.  People are delinquent on payments all of the time.  It goes to collections.  I am sure notices have gone to his home.  He may even have it set up for automatic payments since he had bank accounts that had actual deposits in them and a good sum of cash on him when he was arrested.  The various banks may not know nor care at the moment.  If anything, his accounts are only 3 months past for crying out loud.  So, it would be ok to hand them back over to him to continue to defraud these banks?  Not small banks either.  We’re talking Bank Of America, PNC, American Express and Discover.  This is at the very least.  I have proof that there have been other banks involved in his fraudulent activities.  The prosecutor said he would follow-up with Cherry Hill and guess what?  So am I.

Lets cut to today.  I’m taking my daughter and her friend to Starbucks and off to grab some groceries when the detective calls me.  He followed his chain of command who talked to the prosecutor who said that there had to have been a “miscommunication” between him and I on Monday.  Apparently the prosecutor IS able to add additional charges.  He point-blank told me Monday he couldn’t.  So what is the truth?  I told the detective that I was told otherwise or else I wouldn’t have gone to them in the first place.  Here it is 3pm on a Friday afternoon when the prosecutor is going on vacation next week and NOW it’s suddenly revealed that he could have added the extra charges???  He KNEW that I wanted every little thing possible charged against him, that I wanted to keep him in jail as long as possible, protect myself and the rest of society from him as long as possible and to keep the restraining order for crying out loud.  I just want to feel safe for a while after a year of paranoia, lies, deceit and fraud.  I don’t know what this man is going to do when he gets out of jail.  Will he have an ax to grind?  Will he feel vengeful?  The last time he was deported away.   I’m right here.  I’m going to be right here.  It’s maddening to have this kind of thought process anymore.  Trying to think one step ahead of a psychopath.  I did it for 9 weeks while setting him up.  It was emotionally racking and exhausting.  I would like a good, long break from that kind of mentality.  The ability to de-program the harm he did to my mind.

I am aggravated that I have to fight the system every step of the way.  I didn’t expect it to be this hard. I feel like i have done more legwork on this case than the prosecutor has.  I highlighted pertinent texts after hundreds and hundreds of pages, got the exact pages of my bank records rather than just printing a bunch out and letting them figure it out.  I got them the contact info for the UK authorities, everything.  Then to NOT tell me he could bring extra charges?  For what?  What purpose is it to evade me?  Did he not think I would not take the extra step to go back to my police department?  Did he think they wouldn’t take the extra step and follow-up with him?  Now he’s on vacation to CONVENIENTLY come back with ONE working day before we go to court.  The timing of all of this is blatantly convenient. Why does it have to be so hard to get justice?  Why is it not victim protection, victim advocacy or victim friendly?   Seriously the more I am finding out, the more it sucks. It’s like being hurt by the people who are supposed to bring you justice?  UGH!   I just wanted to scream, curse and throw things but was in the car with 2 teen girls who just wanted a couple of frappuchinos and cake pops.  I did call the prosecutor’s office when I got home and of course, did not receive a reply.  I will be calling my victim’s advocate every day because I am sure that this files aren’t just sitting around collecting dust for a week.  There has to be someone overseeing the cases.  I only have until the 11th.  There will be alleged status conferences if he doesn’t take the guilty plea on the 11th (if it’s offered) and then trial if he chooses to absolutely fight it. I am hoping not.  I hope he takes the guilty coward’s way out.  But first I have to keep fighting the system and hope that people just stop lying to me outright or trying to pass the delegation of duties off to each other and just do their job!

Updates to come soon!


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