Second Status Conference

Pre-conference: So here we are a month after the last status conference.  William Jordan has since bonded out of jail and much to my thankfulness, has not been spotted anywhere in the vicinity of my home, work, children or to my knowledge has attempted to contact me or my family through any anonymous means.  Of course, this it to my knowledge.  For all I know he is sitting in some Bodega in Mexico City right now thinking he has gotten the best of the United States legal system.  I guess I will know in about an hour.  I work every 3rd weekend and this past weekend was my weekend to work.  So after working a 12 hour shift, I decided it just wasn’t worth me going home to turn around and come to the courthouse.  So I listened to some morning Philly radio, skimmed my emails, replied to a few private comments, posted to Facebook, grabbed a pumpkin iced coffee on this brisk (43 degrees F) day, some breakfast and then decided to sit here and start my next blog post.  I am nervous since this is my first court date that doesn’t involve Jordan being brought to me in handcuffs and shackles.  He will have to actually come here on his own accord and I hope he is inconvenienced as hell.  I am quite curious as to how someone with no car, no job, no license will get here.  It’s either going to be a past victim, his next victim or his elderly parents.   Either way he’s sponging off of someone to be here.  Typical.  I am also waiting to speak to the prosecutor about this latest plea offer which I am sure is going to be utter crap and a total joke to the crimes that he has committed.   Only time will tell what happens……


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