8 thoughts on “The Due Date and Ponderings

  1. Re: Real Victims of Rape:
    Hey There,
    What happened to you women is JUST AWFUL! No one should lie, cheat on, and steal from people they prey on by pretending to love. You guys were wronged with a Capitol “W”. There is no denying that!

    However, saying you were sexually RAPED (by deception) minimizes the entire CONCEPT of the word and definition of “RAPE”- an ugly, violent, act where one party FORCES their wishes or will on another partner (and this is a CRITICAL part of the definition of rape) AGAINST the “stated” will or wishes of other partner (the one being raped).

    Specifically, what makes it “rape”, is that the RAPER is told “NO” or “STOP” (often repeatedly), but the RAPER either (1) doesn’t believe the partner is telling the truth, ie “no” really means “yes” (for the record, “no” always means “no”); (2) the RAPER doesn’t care what the partner wants or doesn’t want; (3) the RAPER is committing an act of violence over another to demonstrate their power and to dominate and humiliate another.

    No matter how bad this man treated you women (in the end), no matter how much money you lost (in the end), there is NO DENYING that:
    (1). You women DID, in fact, indisputably receive PLEASURE while you were in those relationships; just because a relationship ends badly, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the WHOLE experience was awful.
    (2). Therefore, it goes without saying that all if not most of the SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPs were, in fact, CONSENSUAL and probably VERY ENJOYABLE – 13 children are alive today from six woman (Signs of healthy sexual relationships wouldn’t you say)?
    (3). Who hasn’t had a relationship end badly where they DIDN’T want ALL their TIME back, or ALL the MONEY they spent on the other person back, or ALL the times they agreed to have sex when they really weren’t “all that” into it – but did anyway? Or all the times they compromised on going out “shopping” instead of doing something fun – never to be reimbursed? When a relationship goes bad, you end it, learn from it and move on.
    (4). FACT: Nothing is MORE accurate than woman’s intuition.
    I think each of you intelligent women KNOW this could have and SHOULD have been avoided, and perhaps just deceived yourselves. Enough said on that point.

    The man IS A CREEP! He is also guilty of a sex crime for going after an UNDERAGE daughter (for heavens sake) – how low can this man go? But please, DON’T make light of a VERY serious crime against women. When people in society hear the word “RAPE”, it should cause revulsion in their stomachs.

    Stop undermining all the women who have been real VICTIMS OF RAPE.

    Thanks. DJ

    • It’s not to diminish anything by any rape victim, but I did not give affirmative permission to William Jordan the bigamist pedophile. I have it to Liam Allen the IT tech from England. I felt just as traumatized in terms of lack of trust, nightmares, and other paranoias.

  2. Mischele you did what was right for you, never feel a need to justify it to anyone. Peace Lady and may you find yourself in a safe place soon.

  3. I am now watching the DVR recording of Dateline and I wish to convey my best wishes as you move on. God Bless and stay the positive, lovely woman you seem to be in Dateline.

  4. I’m currently watching the Dateline on TLC about your story. Unfortunately, you and the other wives are not the first who have been swindled by con artists. I’ve seen/heard quite a number of stories about this.

    What puzzles me is that these con artists typically have their eyes set on single mothers. As a single mom, I take it personally. I wonder why we are the targets. Do they think we are more vulnerable? Insecure? Would be desperate for marriage? Lonely? Would settle for any guy showing an interest? Would want a “family” for their kids? Are we more easily manipulated?

    It has nothing to do with intelligence of victims because con artists are professionals. They’ve honed their skills and are good at what they do. Still, they have a target victim and most times, it is a single mom.

    • I think that they are a little vulnerable, looking for the right that went wrong before…. I think the kids are a further means of manipulation, at least in this guy’s case. I am sure curious to know!

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