Latest October Court Foray

Ok, so with the last court date, I needed to think long and hard about the plea deal that was offered to me.  My victim’s advocate had told me to choose what I think would give me my own sense of “justice” and in the 3 weeks since the last court date I went back and forth and back and forth.  It was really choosing the best of 2 shitty solutions.   I didn’t like either choice on the table.  It was like taking my nursing NCLEX all over again:  pick the best crappy outcome.   I truly had a question on my exam (I will never forget it) that went like this:

You are the triage nurse in the ER and you have the following 4 patients.  Who do you see first:

A)  The 24-year-old male who fell off a ladder with a compound broken femur.

B) A 56-year-old male who is choking on a foreign body.

C) A 16-year-old female complaining of diffuse abdominal pain with rebound tenderness.

D) A 38-year-old female with a gaping neck wound.

Ok, what kind of horror show ER is this that I’m the only nurse there?  That’s not reality.   The guy with the broken leg could have a fat embolism and die.  The man choking only has minutes.  The girl with the abdominal pain could have a ruptured appendix or internal bleeding and could die.  The lady bleeding from the jugular is probably going to die.   What they were looking for was the ABC;s of medicine:  airway, breathing, circulation.   I needed to pick the choking guy over the other 3 patients which would be circulation.  It was the most absurd question I had but they wanted to make sure I could prioritize based on what I was taught.

But I digress…..    So the options were A)  4 years in state prison, restitution but couldn’t guarantee lifetime no contact.  B) 364 days in county jail, 5 years probation, psych eval and all treatment, internet prohibition (which I was told wasn’t really enforceable), and restitution or C) say screw it and go to trial, let the evidence speak for itself and he risks the full 5 years in state prison.   To me I had it in my mind that the sexual assault would stay and that he would get 10 years in jail.   I wanted nothing less than a decade from this man, his freedom taken the way he has taken away the freedom of 15 other women (that are known – caveat).  Why should he get off with less than a year in jail, 3 meals, healthcare, a place to sleep, cable TV, a library and other activities.   I have to deal with the psychological fallout from this man for years but I’m in a much better place.  It doesn’t occupy my thoughts the way it used to.  I’m learning to live less paranoid and trust people again.  To not just be suspicious of the world because of one asshole in it (ok, I know there’s more than one, but just as an example).  By adjusting how I live my life, I’m giving him power over me and I REFUSE to do that.   I let him control my time, my finances, my family for over a year.   No more.  My foot is down and he has messed with the wrong girl with the right connections.

Anyway, I went into Monday’s status conference thinking I would take the plea deal of the 364 in jail and all of it’s accoutrements.   I wanted to annoy his life as much as I humanly could and I felt like all of the stipulations would do just that.   However I was notified that another superior prosecutor to mine had gotten involved based on recent media coverage and that Jordan deserved nothing less than the state prison term.  So we were going to try to meet his public defender a little bit and change the state prison term to 3 years flat plus a lifetime no contact and restitution which would be paid to me by the parole board (I am so not worried about the money, but just a way to get Jordan to be accountable for SOMETHING in his life and to be a thorn in his side until every last time is paid).     So basically the choice was made for me.   I felt like this was Kismet working in my favor yet again.  I wasn’t meant to take the deal last month and apparently I wasn’t meant to take it this month either, even though I agonized over the choice, talked to friends, family and past victims for their input so that they would have some form of a control, some say in what happens to this man who ravaged their lives as well.  The prosecutor made the judge know that this was a FINAL offer and if on November 10th he doesn’t accept the plea, we go to trial and he is confident that this is a trial he can win and easily because I did my job in terms of evidence.   It’s irrefutable from his own words to me in terms of text, emails and video confessions over a 9 week span.

I have also found that 2 women have been saved from Jordan’s clutches since he was bailed out of jail 6 weeks ago.  Two women who saw my story in one form or another and became wiser because of it.   This pleases me to no end.   To know that I’m already making a difference, educating the public. Empowering women against not only Jordan himself, but people like him.  Perhaps they will see similarities in their own toxic relationships and take the steps to get out and free their minds, bodies, hearts and souls.  Freedom feels really good people.  It really does.  I would have been marrying William Allen Jordan in 10 days from today (the 18th).   I would have birthed his baby last month.   In hearing the stories of the past, I have empowered my future.   I won’t be tied down by him.  I’m free to live my life and move on with my children.   I can dedicate myself to them, to my friends, to my career and further my education without all of the ties that I would have been bound to had I not found out or found out too late.   I was meant to look in the wallet that fateful day in January 2014.  I was meant to Google his name in February and find out the whole sordid truth.  I was able to escape the clutches of a toxic, sociopathic, psychopathic man who will bring no joy to any woman on this earth.  He is absolutely disgusting in every sense of the word.  A sex addict with a fetish for impregnating women while playing his little cat and mouse game.   I will not rest until everyone in the Delaware Valley area is aware of this man and his misdeeds.  He can live out his life trying to con women who are educated and wise to his advances, his stories, his cons.   I hope that ANY woman who reads this doesn’t just willingly give her hard-earned money over to a man because of some sob story, especially if it’s hundreds of dollars at a time.   If he is disappearing on random times, unable to be reached, goes missing for large periods of hours or days – be suspicious.  Always have an open communication policy no matter what.  Meet his or her friends and family.  Don’t be the person hidden away by excuses.  If there’s a barrage of excuses for everything, they are hiding something.   For the women of New Jersey – if you meet this man (Jordan or whatever alias he is going by at the moment) in a bar, a bowling alley, a mall, a coffee shop or online – RUN!!!!!   No good can come of it today, tomorrow, ever.  If you think you have seen this man, feel free to drop me a line.   You can send me a message through this blog, my facebook page or email at     Confidentiality and privacy will absolutely be maintained.    Just know that you are not alone out there.  I have been there, done that and am writing the book – literally.   After the initial shock wears off and you go through the stages of grief, it does get better on the other side.

With love, hope and Kismet……  xoxo

Here are the latest article about my court proceeding:

Also made the front page of my local paper, the Burlington County Times.



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