2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Marry A Psychopath

  1. Hi Mischele, I heard your story on the radio yesterday… And I was so taken aback by it. Usually, the stories they air, for that particular segment are your usual run of the mill “dirty” stories about cheaters, betrayal of friends, liars…etc But your story was of an entirely different magnitude. So sorry that you were hurt so badly …. I hope one day you will find another man who truly deserves you. In the meantime, hope your healing continues and that justice gets served. Thanks to YOUR efforts! (p.s.) American Horror Story this season??? WHOA!!!

    • Thanks Dawn! Yeah, me and Wired 96.5 have been trying to coordinate schedules for over a month, lol. I happened to be off of work this week and with the kids in school, I was able to record the segment. I am really happy to get the story out because he is out there, in the general public, looking for his next victim. He has been doing this for nearly 30 years across 3 continents. It’s all he knows and he isn’t going to stop. He knows he is going back to jail for his crimes, it’s just a matter of him taking the plea deal or not. He will be back in jail in 2015 no matter what choice he makes, so he is going to scramble now to try to set up the next person and set up a nest egg on her money. Unfortunately, it’s all he knows and won’t stop. Plus psychopaths truly do not care, have no remorse, no regret, no sense of right or wrong. It’s wholly selfish. I appreciate your comments and that you took the time to read this crazy novel of a blog, lol. As an aside, American Horror Story – Twisty the Clown gives me nightmares!!! I didn’t really care for clowns, but now I really don’t. I only got into the show from season 1 about a month ago and have been binge watching every spare second I have that I’m not fighting evil, delivering babies or being a mom, lol. xoxo

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