“The Dirty” Interview

So I have been cooresponding back and forth with a radio station out of Philadelphia which is my closest media market about telling my story on a feature they call “The Dirty” where you basically blast someone who has done you dirty.  Boy did I have a story about a man doing the dirty!   It is a story of insane proportions and the fact that it’s still evolving and he is still trolling for victims makes me even more passionate to make sure that the general public is aware and educated that this evil man lurks amongst them in the South Jersey and Philly areas!  Being I was off of work this week, our schedules were perfect and so I did the interview.  It had a great response, I live tweeted through both broadcasts yesterday morning and this little blog that could had over 300 new hits in the last 24+ hours.  Thank you so much Philly, Jersey and anywhere else that live streams Wired 96.5 through their computer, phone, ipad or whatever device you are using!   I am so appreciative to those who shared this blog, who followed me on twitter, liked my facebook page or added me as a friend.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.   So below is the broadcast that I recorded yesterday:


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