9 thoughts on “The Dateline Wait is OVER!

  1. Trust that anyone’s opinion you should care about will see the person that is you, not your “fashion/accessory choices”. I hope other victims can help to prosecute the predator on new charges to keep him behind bars for a lifetime. Kudos to you for what you have accomplished.

  2. What a story. You are very brave. I’m glad you succeeded in bringing him down! But, I’ve got to ask, did you find out who is the woman and child he lived with in Cherry Hill?

    • He got bailed out of jail in august and has 2 new victims already but he goes back to jail next friday. I would like to think that as high profile as this case is, he would be more afraid of me exposing him than him hurting me. He should know better than to ever come near me or my family ever again.

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