NBC’s Dateline Airs the Story of Will Jordan — January 25, 2015

I have been following this blog for a while and appreciate the support and explanation of William Jordan’s motives.

Dog Dharma's Blog

Don't Be Fooled

For quite some time, I have been following the story of Mischele Lewis and her encounter with psychopath Will Jordan.  Due to my own particular life history about which I have openly shared, I sometimes feel that my circumstances may be just far enough off the beaten path that the average person might not be able to relate.

The problem with psychopaths is that some of them will go for “low-hanging” fruit and target victims who are especially vulnerable because it’s easy to deceive and manipulate folks who are already needy by dint of what life has brought them.  For example, people who have a history of prior abuse, people who have developmental challenges, disabilities, lack of education or career success, loneliness, poor family support, and so on.  Anyone who wants nothing more than to be loved and accepted is an easy target for psychopathic charm.  Prior victimization means that…

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