Victory At Last!

Eleven days short of one year of finding out the truth about William Allen Jordan, there is justice at long last.  Today was sentencing day!!!   If you will recall, back on November 11, 2014, he signed and accepted the plea deal for 3 years in prison effective TODAY!   Court was supposed to start at 9am and in typical William Jordan style, he was late.  Nearly 2 hours late.  My victim’s advocate was thinking that his attorney probably holed him away in a spare room, but I know better.  It was a very chilly morning, but not as chilly as yesterday with winds in the 40 mph range making it feel like 0 degrees F. The sun was out and the snow and ice is still melting from the past couple of storms that thankfully didn’t drop a deluge of snow on us (sorry New England).  After stopping for my typical iced coffee and heading up to the courthouse to face the same judge that has seen this case all along, we were waiting for the prosecutor to show up as well as Jordan.  I have to admit, sitting in a courtroom can be pretty fascinating.  There are some really crazy people out there and unless you’re forced to sit through other proceedings, you would never realize the kind of crime that goes on around us.  Finally the prosecutor comes in and pulls me into a conference room.  He was notified by Jordan’s attorney that he had a cashier’s check for the FULL RESTITUTION AMOUNT!   He said that is VERY unprecedented.  My first thought?  Whose money is it?  I still hadn’t laid eyes on Jordan yet so I didn’t believe anything until he showed up, check in hand and it cleared.  A half hour later, my mom nudged me and said, “He’s here.”   I refused to turn to look at him.  I could just see the movement of a person in the periphery of my vision. Two cases later, our case was called.  I had submitted this long 3.5 page victim impact statement last July but had made a new one that was much shorter.  I knew that I would have to approach the court and it would be for all to hear. The judge started to hear both sides of the story from both the prosecutor and Jordan’s attorney, who tried to down play the sexual assault of a minor he committed in the UK.  Like really?  He pled GUILTY to it!!!  How are you going to downplay that he’s not a child molester?  That really burned me but I wasn’t going to get hit with contempt of court over it. The judge started to recite his past misdeeds with 9 charges in 7 jurisdictions of writing bad checks starting in 1984.  Then his convictions in the UK and years of not getting caught in the US until recently.  The judge said that his repetitive pattern of behavior represents serious offenses.  That his extensive fraud and deception to the present case is also very serious. Previous jail sentences, community services and fines had not deterred him.   His conduct was criminal and subject to punishment, given my disturbing statement as he had read my previous, long impact statement and the statements of his other victims. He was given 130 days credit for the time served from April 22nd to August 29th.  He had to pay $155 in fines plus my nearly $4400 in restitution which he did then pull out a check to give to his attorney who gave it to the prosecutor who then gave it to me with this entire transfer being on record. He also has to supply the state with a DNA sample so that any DNA cases could be compared to him in the future. He agreed to all of it and via his attorney wanted nothing but to atone for what he had done, pay me back and to truly repent (BULLSHIT!).  He also said his parents had been ill (his dad didn’t look so ill bowling a couple of months ago all smiles and personality) and that his mom had been in and out of the hospital since he was bailed out with he being her primary care taker.  This is also bullshit because his Vermont victim who still had access to his bank account said he had been near Bennington, VT for the last multiple weekends spending his money at restaurants and stores.  But that’s caring for his oh so sickly mother?  Oh and the mother he told the Vermont victim that she had died and he was coming into some big inheritance that he was going to split with her and put into a trust for her child?  I can’t believe he lied bold faced right there to his attorney and the judge.  Again, not my place to correct it and to put myself in trouble.  After all was agreed to and the appeal statement signed, he was sentenced and handcuffed, led away by the prison guard.  Within 3 hours he was listed as an inmate at the Burlington County Jail.  Home sweet home.  Within a week or so he will be sent with the other inmates who are relegated to state prison for sorting and from there he will be placed in his final facility.  That will be viewable on the New Jersey department of corrections page.  His whereabouts will be public information.  He should serve the entire 3 years of his sentence, minus those 130 days, so for 2 years and 235 days, the women of the Delaware Valley can feel safe and sound – at least from this man and only for a while.  I have NO QUALMS in my mind that he will get out and do it again.  His attorney made it sound like I needed to move on with my life and don’t get me wrong, I am moving on with my life.  But I will never stop being a thorn in this man’s ass, making it as hard as possible for him to defraud another woman in this area or anywhere.  I know it’s a futile plight, but as long as I’m bringing awareness, that’s all I can do.

Here is a photo of Jordan and his attorney while I was reading my victim’s impact statement:


Here are also 2 articles that have already come out tonight about the case today:

Burlington County Times


8 thoughts on “Victory At Last!

  1. I don’t think I would write a whole piece about it, but if it was too late to make a choice or if I found out the truth, I would have raised it the best I could figure out, but I don’t know how I would feel or what to tell it when it was older or how to handle any psychological issues that could have stemmed from genetics. I cannot begin to speculate because that’s not how it happened. I truly don’t understand why people get hung up in what I did rather than what he did, repeatedly, for 30 years plus.

  2. Well good thing we live in a country where I have a choice. I wasn’t going to approve your first comment because I had a feeling it would turn into some anti abortion rant, which it did. So raising a potential psychopath who may go out into the world and doe the same thing is so much better? I was not going to take the chance. I am considering this matter closed.

  3. I never said that, do not put words in my mouth. I can only speak for myself. I am a nurse, I know what the propensity for mental illness genetics have and I will not comment about the existing children but as you don’t know them or their families, you cannot comment. I made the best choice for me, the others never had the choice I did because they found out after the children were born. I am not the only Jordan victim to have made the same choice, they just aren’t public about it and I do not speak for them as they want their privacy and I respect that. Please preach elsewhere or consider yourself banned.

  4. We live in a flawed world where justice is rare. This predator’s sentence may be inadequate to offset the harm he inflicted for decades on women and children. That there was sentence at all is still though worth celebrating. It took both courage and strength for you to pursue the matter. In my book, that makes you a heroine.

  5. You may want to try enlisting women’s organizations, law enforcement and/or victims rights organizations, in opposing house arrest and parole, along with you. Women’s bar associations exist in virtually every state.

  6. Same thing happened to me… He was never arrested for what he did to me or others. I have children, not supported by him/they’ve never seen him-He’s a deadbeat. I worry abut mental illness/the propensity. He went on to have more kids, live in a mansion, drive fancy cars and take lavish trips. Somehow manages to secure six figure jobs, repeatedly. He is a true sociopath/conartist, who will no doubt get by with it his whole life. While My children and I struggle financially and emotionally. It’s sad how society does nothing to stop these people! I tried, but seemingly, what he did, didn’t matter to law enforcement, or the courts… Sad.

    • So sorry this happened to you. I just hope that I help to empower women to go after and prosecute these people or else they will continue to get away with it. You are stronger than you know. XO!

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