The Goose Is Loose

Yes, folks, the day I have been dreading since February of last year has finally come to fruition.  William Allen Jordan is back out on the streets to con yet another vulnerable victim, likely a single mother.  I am absolutely INCENSED with the New Jersey justice system.  How in the hell do violators have more rights than the victims?  It’s like the justice system serves to just victimize people repeatedly.

Lets go back a few months.  So I get a letter from the NJ parole board saying he filed for parole, yet again.  I go guns blazing with my multitudes of proof as to why this man should NOT be let out on the streets of ANYWHERE and then weeks, months go by without a word.  I call to find out the status only to find he has withdrawn his petition either on the merit that it would only garner him weeks if not a month or two of early release of he knew that I could go at him so hard he had no way of winning.  I would like to hope it was B.  So I get told back in July or August that he will likely be released between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Oh joy.  /sarcasm

My and the other victims have been diligent in checking the NJ DOC website and saw his release date get moved closer and closer and closer.  For real???  I call all over the place when I find out that the date was moved to October 24th.  In doing the math of time served while the trial was going on and then time served since February of 2015, in October he would have only served 2 years of a 3 year sentence.  Yet the Burlington County Prosecutor on my case said he should max out, so what the hell happened??  Evidently you can earn credit for good behavior and since he is not a violent offender and prisons being as overcrowded as they are (blah, blah, blah), he was eligible for early release.  Good behavior, really?  He harassed a girl for months from jail to where she had to file a report with the prison and even then the harassment kept up after the face.  She had to file a restraining order against him to get it to stop.  That is good behavior, victimizing victims from behind bars?  Wake up New Jersey!?!?   This is a man who should be locked up and the key melted into a titanium brick, surrounded by concrete and thrown in the biggest, deepest ocean trench or launched into outer space, never to be seen again.

Around the same time that I am getting this info, I get contacted by a UK production company to do a documentary on internet schemes of which they came across my story.  Of course I said yes.  I never turn down an interview and a chance to just educate people on how predators like Jordan work.  Even to this day I receive regular communication from victims who come across my blog, my facebook site, one of my previous interviews, etc and come looking for help for themselves in getting out of a toxic relationship, on how to prosecute a conning ex (or in some cases, soon to be ex) or help on how to heal from such a personally crushing blow.  I reply to EVERY email or message I get, even the hate mail.  If someone will take the time to search me, then I feel I owe them a reply.  I will continue to advocate for victim’s rights until my dying day.  I get my days where I just feel lower than low, but I have a great support system around me that propels me forward and I want to be a good role model for my children.  My son almost doesn’t even recall a world that doesn’t involve the media as he was 4 when all of this went down.

Now let me tell you about a horrific incident I had yesterday while filming for this new documentary (airing details will follow as I get the info).  So I filmed on Sunday, yesterday and will be filming again tomorrow.  Yesterday was a day of location shoots so we were pretty much on the road all day. They wanted to see the places we went.  Around 10am we were at the site of the arrest that the Daily Mail had caught photos of.  We did some interview work and then we were getting some B roll footage when I spot someone walking about 3 blocks away.  I tell the camera guy I am with that I think that is Will Jordan coming towards us.  He looks and says no, that guy is way too young.  Another block goes by and I tell him again, I truly think that is him.  By now I am sure the camera guy though I was paranoid, perhaps because of where we were.  Now the figure is across the street – total opposite sides of the street of where the arrest actually happened and the man looks a bit startled and confused.  By then I know without a doubt from across 4 lanes of traffic that it’s him! I had spent over a year knowing that walk, the mannerisms and style of dress.  When Jordan spots us, he goes up the road about 100 feet and then I guess says to hell with it and crosses the street in very close proximity to us.  The camera man tells me to get in the car and I feel my heart just racing away.  He starts to pack up the camera because he doesn’t want to engage in anything that may provoke this completely disturbed, psychotic human being (if he can even be counted in our species).  We drive away and I am just a bundle of nerves.  After the fact we were able to have a good laugh about how wildly ironic that way and how we didn’t catch any of that on film.  My body betrayed me with the fight or flight response and we went on about our day like nothing had happened, but I hope that Jordan realizes that just because he is out of jail and time has gone by that I am going to just stop my campaign to expose sociopaths/psychopaths like him.  He may have a new victims, he may be grooming for a new victim, so single ladies have to be diligent!

I received a call from a friend who saw him walking down the same road this morning while she was late for work and she was just agape with horror as she didn’t realize that I already knew he was out of jail. I appreciate my friends beyond words.  The first person I reached out to was Mary, Jordan’s ex-wife. Not my family or anyone else, Mary.  Why?  Because I was put into a place of 2 years ago when I would secretly film all day pretending like everything was honkey dory and then talking to her and the other victims all night about what had been discussed during the day and how I can get the video files to them so that they could see with their own eyes what kind of rubbish he had said that day.  I see the lies for what they are…..NOW.  But in the moment, I was mentally brainwashed to believe his crap and that’s what it was – crap.  Lies cloaked in partial truths so that there were less lies overall to have to remember.  I will say he looks like hell.  Gaunt, thin, looking more his 51 years than before he went into prison.  I hope it was hell for him.  Miserable and void of anything worthwhile.  After all it’s a punishment, not a 5 star resort.

There is a renewed sense of vigilance that I have.  I have rewritten all of the political contacts that I had in moving forward with my law, with getting Jordan listed as a Megan’s Law offender and anything else that I can do to help victims in any way.  If the law doesn’t want to work for victims, you advocate and persistently keep pushing to change the laws so that it does.  I am not done, not by a long shot.  doc




42 thoughts on “The Goose Is Loose

  1. I just finished watching your story on TV,and am so glad you survived.How can this be spread through social media,ie,facebook?Is it legal to place the criminal record on FB?Falling for a con man is not that unusual-he wouldn’t be a good con man if he wasn’t good at it.

  2. First of all thank you so much for watching and taking the time to look me up. Hugs for that! Secondly feel free to pass the information along. Thanks to the Open Records Act, this is all public information. I have done talk shows, radio showaves, multiple documentary shows and am filming yet another one plus the writing of my book (whole working full time and being a single mom). Please, share my blog, my site, any article written about him. He is back in his old stomping grounds of Cherry Hill, NJ. If I hadn’t seen him with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. Thank you for wanting to be proactive in my cause. That makes my heart happy. ❤

    • My name is Travis and I’m truly sorry you had to go throw something like that I’m a man that would have loved to have a chance just to have a date with you . Your a very beautiful woman I just watched your story on dateline and your beauty Caught my eyes immediately I’m shocked how this man would do such a thing to you I’m sorry to hear that . I’m sorry if this out a place for asking but I have to your beautiful and think you have beautiful eyes are you still single and if so will you please comment back so I can let you know nothing but the truth about me and give info how to contact me 😊

      • I have dated, but have a somewhat chaotic schedule, so it’s hard to find time when I work unconventional hours. I’m ok with it and figure that when the time is right, it will be. I’m trying to finish my book for dual editing software we can get a release date.

  3. Michele, I watched the dateline episode before and it was on today and wondered if there were any updates. I’m so sorry to hear that you are still having to deal with him. He’s so crazy! I feel sorry for all the children that have to know that their father is a nut job as well as the women he’s completely screwed over!
    Has their been any updates on him since this blog post?

    • None to date, but I am sure it will be inevitable. I was contacted by Dateline to get an update on things which they will be running again in prime time this month with the updated info.

      • Watching Dateline now. I pray this predator is taken off the streets for good. Your strength should be a beacon for his other victims. Thanks for sharing your your story. May God bless you.

  4. You had my sympathy untill you revealed you aborted a child who was innocent. Whatever he did is nothing compared to that. When you conceived this child it was out of love. why not put up for adoption? The baby did not know about it´s father. I guess we all have sin.

    • You cannot begin to judge me without abingdon walked my path. I had a cousin given up for adoption. Do you know how many times lives are ruined when they find out who their biological parents are? My aunt anguished over her decushion for over 30 years and we tried to find him even on her death bed. When we finally did find him, we found him in jail having gone down the same road his biological parents started down with drugs an alcohol. Never underestimate the powner of biology. That being said, mental illness runs deeply down the Jordan blood line and many mental illnesses don’t manifest unail late teens to early 20s so why on earth would I want to put anot her bipolar, sociopath, psychopath on this planet to ruin countless lives? Some of Jordan’s own children are starting to or have already shown signs of mental illness. So please save your sanctimonious bullshit. I have to live with my decision forever and I don’t regret it was the best decision for me or for that potential child.

      • Wow. Not all adopted children end up in jail or fall victim to drug and alcohol abuse. And not all children with mentally ill parents end up with mental health issues. You have no way of knowing what the unborn child’s future would be like – just as you do not know how your other children will turn out. Seeing as how gullible you were to believe such BS from this man, I would question how your own poor judgement will continue to affect their own lies in the future. Ever think about that?

      • I talked to the mothers of his other children as well as some of his children. At least 3 if not 4 are showing signs of mental illness. It often doesn’t manifest until late teens, early 20s. So what, I wait and see 2 degads from now to see if I end up with someone who can’t function in society? Most of the kids are still mid teens and younger so more may pop up. Adoption was never even an option for me at all. I made a choice that was best for me and my family. Half of the Jordan children are lambasted for who their father is. Why would I put someone through that? It’s cruel. So don’t judge me on my choice because you have no idea how excited I was to find out we had conceived to find out it was all under the guise of a lie. It was devastating. I spent countless days crying, mourning. But to this day I don’t regret myou decision so until you have ever been faced with that type of situation, don’t you dare judge me.

      • Well said! Most people are utterly clueless about mental illness, specifically dealing with these sociopaths who lie and manipulate without ANY conscience. Even as a Christian, I too say abort and rid this planet of these evil beings. After being married to a monster myself, I truly feel they’re not human. This country/this government/the courts need to wake up!!!

        I only wish you’d talked more about the mentally ill on Dateline.

        Good luck on healing. You are NOT ALONE.

      • Peter, we filmed for months and had over 13 hours of footage for the 42 minutes that was shown. I did talk about it a lot, but it was edited out. It wasn’t a choice I made lightly. Between my medical knowledge, personal knowledge, talking to the other moms of his children and to the children themselves, I feel I made the best choice and it was supported by all. Even his own kids say he needs to stop and they hope no more children are brought into the world. Unfortunately, men can procreate forever. Thanks for the support. I wholly appreciate it.

  5. Sweetie, my husband & I just watch your story on Dateline, we watched with jaws to the chest. We just want to encourage u to keep doing what you’re doing, as if u need any more encouragement after living such a nightmare, lol. I hope u can change these laws which seem to protect the perpetrators against the victems; especially the many, many victems he’s left in his wake. We hope that 2017 will bring u, your family & all the other women & children who are effected by this pitiful excuse of a man, productive a sense of peace. God bless u all & remember, God holds a special place for ppl like this & it’s not in heaven. Love & peace to you & all of the rest.
    Jim & Kathy Jo

    • Thank you so very much for the lovely message! I am working on the laws, but run into constant roadblocks. It’s not an easy task and changing old school mentalities is no easy feat. Thank you for taking the time to search out and write. ❤

  6. After watching the entirety of your dateline episode, I really hope you can get over this because its clear he continues to have control over your life. Years later, you have nothing better to do than to be updating this blog. You weren’t selected because you were particularly bright, you were an easy mark. Quit being a deluded victim every day and get on with your life! And lose some damn weight, you might find a new man to take some of the time off your hands.

    • LOL! Thank you for your amusing insight into MY life. I would update this blog more regularly but my various projects keep me quote busy. Years later? It’s only been like 18 months since this whole thing wrapped, lol. As for the low blow attack on my appearance, that is what cowards say when they really can’t attack you on anything: they go for intelligence and vanity. My personal life is just that: personal. Just because I have a public life doesn’t mean my private life is privy for all to know about. I’m in a great place in my life surrounded by great people so don’t worry your little head about it cupcake. 😉

  7. I live real close to Cherry Hill, I’d love to know where he is! Yipes!
    I was fascinated by your story, by how far that man went with his lies.
    I’m sure it was a devastating betrayal for you and your family, and quite a learning experience.
    Hopefully you’ve taken some good out of it all, like strength, awareness, and the love and support of family and friends old and new.
    I’ll be looking for updates!

  8. Well said! Most people are utterly clueless about mental illness, specifically dealing with these sociopaths who lie and manipulate without ANY conscience. Even as a Christian, I too say abort and rid this planet of these evil beings. After being married to a monster myself, I truly feel they’re not human. This country/this government/the courts need to wake up!!!

    I only wish you’d talked more about the mentally ill on Dateline.

    Good luck on healing. You are NOT ALONE.

  9. What a guy he was ! I just wanted to say good for you what you did to video him like that. And about your decision not to have the baby of his, I agree! And I seen some say otherwise. But your right you would be tied to him and I have to agree that you didn’t want to bring a child into the world like that. Not that I like people to get abortions just to do it, but this is one of the times I agree with. My mom married a guy when I was little and he was a con also. And he went to prison to for a bit, and my mom had to wonder what he would do and where he was. Now I grew up and I take care of my mom. so keep your head up and your son will take care of his mom to! Hope the best for you and your son .

  10. Just saw your dateline episode. No doubt he should be prosecuted for fraud/theft by deception and failing to register as a sex offender. You should be prosecuted as a traitor for attempting to get a security clearance from a foreign government, attempting to send money to a foreign government, and attempt to aid a suspected foreign spy. If he would have turned out to be a British spy and not a liar it looks as if you would have concealed it and you seem only mad because he lied to you. As far as the abortion you had a right to choose sex or no sex and if you used birth control you still had to know that there was an 0.01 percent chance you could still get pregnant. So you made your choice so you should be a grown up and accept your decision.

    • A traitor for security clearance to another country? That’s absurd. You know foreign dignitaries live in the US and their families do get US clearance as well as embassy workers in other countries. And you realize it was all FAKE. So I didn’t commit anything. The pregnancy wasn’t an accident, dummy. We knew we were working towards an engagement, towards moving in together, towards marriage and starting a family. We weren’t preventing anything. What changed everything was me finding out who he truly was 5 weeks into my pregnancy. I made hm wait months before we took our relationshiop physical. About 6 months. I have value and scruples. Not some floozy who sleeps eith every man who turns their head, not that any of this reply is any of your business, but I felt the need to enlighten you. Afternfinding out the truth, I was sick and disgusted. I took time making my decision and didn’t do it lightly. I sobbed days before, weeks after and mourned the future that was gone forever, all of it. On top of it I felt violated. But to this day,I don’t regret my decision, but it doesn’t mean I forget either. So get off your perfect, high horse Sherry.

  11. I became aware of you and the lying bigamist by watching the Dateline taping. You are a strong person to have stopped this man and went to great trouble and risk to ensure he was prosecuted. I hope his release does not bring you future harm.
    I recommend that you ignore the people who write you with criticism of your personal choices. You will not change their minds. You were correct when you stated they will never know unless they walk in your shoes. Not every person brought into this world is a blessing to themselves or to others.
    I was confused by one aspect of the interview. Dateline seemed to leave it open to speculation that Allen was more than a con. That there was perhaps something to his story of being a spy. You stated above that many hours of interviews were edited. Was this a subject of large editing? Did you come across evidence to support these statements of his? Or did you find evidence to conclude these were total fabrications used to explain absences and to set up a scenario to defraud?

    • Rob, yes, some key things were left on the cutting room floor. Once I knew the truth about him, I knew he never had the job he said he did and yet he tried to convince me that he had the job he had,just not for who he said, however he could never provide proof of it. We sat in parking lot all day waiting for some mystery person who was supposed to have all of the answers. In reality he probably was enjoying wasting my time on a wild goose chase. Yes, it is confirmed he did work for the ministry of defense as an independent contractor for a short period of time in IT. He is very tech savy and largely self taught. He is smart business uses his brains and cunning for evil. Once upon a time he had it all. Great family, nice house, making good money and somewhere he got too greedy or life got boring for him and so he upped his game and started scheming. He used his past experience to fabricate fake documents, IDs, and to open credit cards in his alias names. He forged his birth certificate, his passport…. There is no length to how far he will go to perpetuate his lies. And that’s what his whole story was…. lies. He tried to turn me against his former victims, painting them as bitter liars. But by then I was on to him and wasn’t believing a thing he said and going back to the girls to verify his stories of the day. The Washington DC phone number traced back to him via the police investigation and his former wife verified that he is very good at playing alternative personalities. I hope this answers your questions and by all means, if you have any follow ups, send them along.


  12. I just have a couple of questions for you. First, did you ever get your money back that he had you transfer or find out where it really went? Second, did you ever find out who the women was that he was living with? Lastly, have any other victims come forward since the Dateline story aired?

    • Heather,

      Great questions! Yes, I got all of my money back the day he went to jail. God knows where he came up with 5 grand on a whim like that. Yes, I did find out the woman he was living with and this ties into your last question. Yes, multiple victims spanning from 2009 to after me came forward and basically filled in the timeline of “quiet” that nobody could account for. Nearly all for the victims overlap each other in some way or form. There were 4 before me, and 2 after me, so far. I still keep in contact with 5 of his past victims, but have talked to 8 of them.

  13. Hi Michele! What an amazing story and you’re such a strong woman! It brought to mind the story of Christian Gerhartsreiter who masqueraded as Clark Rockerfeller pretending to be associated with that family name to dupe a successful woman. However, I am still flummoxed with how he (William Allen) knew impending world events before anyone, to justify his secret agent behavior? That part was not explained in the NBC documentary.

    • George, to this day I still don’t know how he knew things in advance. It’s one of the mysteries we just could never figure out. I am sure if his computer/cell phones was confiscated and searched, more would have been found out.

  14. Hello! I just watched your dateline episode. Holy Smokes! My first thought was”this girl cannot be this dumb to fall for this”..and then I stopped and put myself in your shoes. If I woke up one day and found out that my boyfriend, whom I love so much and have a great life with, was a complete fraud…well, I would just do cartwheels and handstands all over town trying to find ways to prove this information is wrong. (Trust me, that would not be as pretty as it sounds 🙂 ) I would be furious, deny, cry, and all those steps you get with grief but, never self loathing. I tell women all the time who find themselves on the bad side of a liar, or cheat to NEVER feel bad about yourself because you believed in someone. Believing in someone, loving someone and being devoted to them are beautiful things. Only people with big, beautiful hearts are capable of this!!! Because he turned out to be who he is…is HIS fault and only HIS fault. I admire your strength and continued efforts to make others aware that this really does happen and not just on a criminal minds episode. As for these asshats judging you for your choice of an abortion, let them hang onto their their self righteous indignation while pissing up a rain pipe. (That would be as pretty as it sounds 🙂 ) The only person who has to live with that decision is you. It is none of our business. As for those comments on your appearance…really? That is the best they could come up with? Ignore those dolts. I have a small public crime page myself and also deal with my hate mail and the like. Usually, as you said, from those who have no intelligent thoughts and run on their own egos and opinions. Pfftt….let them leave no lasting marks on you. You are a vibrant, beautiful woman!!! Keep up the good work. I wish you and your children a lifetime of happiness.

  15. Hi Mischele,
    I am truly sorry you had to go through that. I am not here to judge you since it didn’t happen to me. I just want to make a comment. I really think you should move on. You seem to be still emotionally attacted to, if not him, the unfortunate situation. He is not worth the time or effort you invest in this. I know you feel you are doing this for the greater good. It just seems you will never completely heal if you continue. One quick question, do you know where he is? Good Bless you.

    • I have very much moved on with my life but as long as victims keep coming forward then I am going to keep going on advocating and keeping his name and face out there as a means of education to the general public to beware of this serial predator in hopes that they don’t become the next victim in line. I truly feel nothing for this man, am perfectly fine (thanks for your concern) and have absolutely 100% moved on with all aspects of my life. But just because I don’t broadcast all of the small idiosyncrasies of my life here on my blog (but do on my Facebook page) doesn’t mean I haven’t moved on. As for his whereabouts, yes, I’m aware of where he is.

      • Please don’t think I was attacking you, because I was not. I was just concerned, you seem like a very good person, and your story touched me. I’m glad you’ve moved on and doing well. May God continue to bless you.

  16. I just saw the Dateline episode “Mystery Man” last night. I am disgusted that people like him don’t give a second thought to hurting others, particularly all the children he has fathered! How is someone like him released from jail? He will probably just continue this deceptive cycle again and again and again. My heart breaks for you and all the women he has deceived over the years. Ugh.

    • Thanks so much. News on him has been eerily quiet but have Intel he may have moved to central NJ, possibly with another victim. Inevitably he will be caught again ans back in jail again. He is over 50 now and can’t keep this pace up forever.

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