8 thoughts on “Where Are You Stuck?

  1. Brilliant post Mischele! I wonder how many of us were in the ‘denial’ stage whilst in the relationship! I know I certainly was for quite a while towards the end – it is what kept me there and refusing to see the truth!

  2. My heart beats from my chest without even reading past the title. I was a victim of a narcissists over 2 years ago and I don’t know when it will ever stop burning when I’m reminded.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that. I know when I encountered Jordan by accident in November, I had a total panic attack unexpectedly. I feel like my body betrayed me and while it only lasted a few minutes, it was more of the fear of the unexpected that triggered me. I haven’t had an issue since that day. I hope you find your peace some day. 🤗

      • Hey, Mischele, good to hear you are still around and safe. You are so brave and inspiring in that episode. Did you ever get to speak with his parents perhaps to get to him through them to have some humanity in him to see his children he abandoned? Do any of his kids have any communication with the grandparents? Thanks and hope he hasn’t conned any new women as of late

      • I don’t know if any of the kids have contact with the grandparents. Last I knew of, no. However the eldest ones are legal age and can do with as they wish. Yes, he is still conning people, stealing identities and has roughly 3 to 4 current victims. It’s still unfolding…..

  3. I just came across your story – altho our personal circumstances & experiences are different, I very much understand from a personal point of view what you have gone through. Thank you for not being shamed into silence!!! God bless +

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