Hello!  My name is Mischele and this is my story.  I had met a man, William Allen Jordan or whom I had known as Liam Allen, in January of 2013 as my marriage was failing.  He was charming, intelligent, incredibly well mannered, chilvarous, gentlemanly and with an incredibly sad tale of his upbringing and young adult life. As I continued through my divorce, he swept me up in a whirlwind romance that involved him telling me about his incredible job working for the British Ministry of Defense doing personal protection of foreign dignitaries and embassy workers.  As I started to converse with people in Washington DC, I got talked into needing a security clearance in order to be incorporated into his world so that we could have fully open and honest relationship.  After finalizing my divorce, letting him into the life of me, my family, my children, my freinds and colleagues, I kept trying to meld our lives together.  We got engaged, set a date and when I was about fed up with his inconsistent stories, his broken promises to me and my loved ones, I found myself pregnant with his child.  I decided to give it another chance, move in together, but before any of that could happen, I came across his true identity and what I found was absolutely astounding.   He was a man who had a 30 year history of defrauding women, business partners, writing bad checks, bigamy and worst of all molesting a child under the age of 13.  I contacted his second wife who had written a book about her story and we have talked regularly since then.  Rather than slinking away in shame that  a college educated professional could be duped by someone like this, I decided that I needed to take a stand.  Not let this man continue to con other women, other families.  So working with my local authorities for weeks while pretending that he was earning his trust back so that we could “work it out”, I had him arrested on April 22nd, 2014 – nine weeks to the day that I found out.  My entire world fell apart and I was put in touch with other victims one by one.  My heart broke that there were so many and their heart broke that he was still doing this to others after 4 years of silence since his last known victim in 2010.   I was embraced into this bizarre sisterhood of women with the same man in common.   Here are my stories, my experiences and my journey to untangle myself out of the snare of a psychopath/sociopath/narcissist’s web, find growth, heal and move on.

These stories are my own experiences with this individual,  the justice system, and my own feelings about the process.

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  4. You need to remember that you are not the only person who has been through experiences like this. Your story is old news, instead of making it the person you are today, maybe you should just move on instead of wallowing in your own self pity. The idea of life is for the present not for the past.

    • Unfortunately I am still living it. I am still going through the legal process and this is all still very, very new. It’s only been 12 weeks since arrest. My would be due date is coming up in a couple of months, my would be wedding date is comig up in October This is the most heinous thing I have ever experience in my life and I am sorry you see it as wallowing in self pity, but I find it theraputic to write about my feelings. You have your right to feel as you do but you also have the right to not read my words.

      • Sending {{{Hugs}}} your way Mischele. I have been dealing with a psychopath in the legal systems for years. I agree that writing about the experience is not only very therapeutic but I think it also helps other victims/targets on their journey of healing. The trauma and abuse inflicted by a psychopath are so intense, I have not been able to just “get over it”.

        I had a lot of assumptions about the legal system before I became the target of someone who was and is using the Courts as a personal bludgeoning tool. At the start, friends told me, my experience should be a segment on a TV show which then they decided should be a movie of the week; they now think it should be an epic miniseries. The thing is no one would believe what has gone on!

        In a nutshell, my experience has been that the Courts are not about justice, fairness or the law. It is about who can manipulate the system better which makes the Courts a perfect playground for psychopaths. It continues to be a life altering experience for me seeing how deep the level of corruption is. It is like being at Ground Zero in a war zone; you will not be the same person at the end that you were at the beginning.


      • Hello mischelle,

        I’m so sorry that you had to go though that horrific experience. I just saw the story on dateline

        John in Long Island

        Btw, you are a very nice sweet beautiful woman

    • I think I deserve to have a little self pity when my life fell apart only back in February. My relationship turned out to be a fraud, my plans of the future fell apart, I terminated our child and then set Will Jordan up to be arrested. Hell no am I just going to move on because I’m not done with him, not by far. I want to see him prosecuted to the fullest extense of the law, create a new law for what he did to me to protect his future victims (as well as others in similar situations). Our past is what defines our future and I don’t anticipate being the person I am 6 months from now, 12 months from now, 5 years from now. It’s just who I am NOW, not who I am going to be STUCK being. My story is hardly old news because I am frequently being courted by various media outlets and shows to tell me story. I am being selective who I talk to becuse I don’t want to stupify the story or have the meaning be lost. It’s quite extensive. It took me 2 days and over 9 hours to tell the Police my whole story beginning to end and all of the things he told me, all of the things that he told me that were absolutely classified information. We’re still in the thick of the trial, so I don’t think this is “old news” when it’s still happening as we speak.

  5. I’ve never commented in public before really regarding this. I am the sister of one of the victims. What isn’t publicized is how much damage and destruction this man has inflicted, not only to his victims but anybody he came into contact with. He put a local computer business out of action, caused another girl to commit suicide and he was gearing up to fleece other members of our family. He tried to set up our Stepfather for taking everything he had. We blindly trusted him. He also had a habit of not paying rent and skipping out with it not paid. He isolated us from, I won’t say my sister’s name. In my particular case I was babysitting the older kids and he accused me of stealing. It wasn’t a lot of money but that is the excuse he used. I was appalled to hear the attitude of the Judge when you tried to get a restraining order. You say that you don’t know how he will react if he gets out. This is how he will react. He doesn’t get violent but he will try and use the pity party to worm his way back in. He is a genuine true sociopath and will use whatever manipulation necessary, with the use of the legal system – if he can. He has no conscience.

    Thanks to him, I was never able to form proper bonds with nieces and nephews, as I never got to see them and also the abuse he inflicted on them caused so much damage to Mum who was prevented from seeing due to his isolation techniques. Mum tried to get help for the kids and she stuck her neck out. This caused her immense pain. I was relieved when I heard he was in Jail.

    I applaud you for getting him behind bars. I last saw him at our other sister’s wedding back in 2002, I could barely look at him. I was filled with pure hatred and I don’t hate easily. The five kids he has fathered in our family all hate him.

    The only thing I can say is that I understand why you had an abortion, however the kids he has fathered that I know are turning out great. I love them dearly.

    I’ve read other comments were people who don’t know him wonder why his victims are so gullible and they think that they couldn’t possibly taken in. They have no true idea of just how callous, evil and manipulative Bill Jordan (as I knew him) is. If there was ever a person who actually needs putting away for the rest of his natural life, it’s him. Like I said, there are other indirect victims that yourself and Mary Turner Thompson aren’t even aware of. My sister has never really come to terms with just how evil he is. Mum recognized how evil he was but nobody would listen. I was only young at the time, but I remember just how devastated people were around me. Later on, I had anger issues over this and it took a long time for them to subside.

    I’m sorry that you’ve had to go through this. I wasn’t directly targeted by him but I was hurt enough on the sidelines. And other members of the family. The thing that I will say is that the kids are doing remarkably well, given who their Dad is. I don’t really refer to him as their Dad though. I know him as “the sperm donor” because that’s all he ever really was.

    Peace and good wishes. I haven’t provided my real name here as I am a fairly private person who doesn’t really want to weigh in on the publicity. However I really felt that I had to say something.

  6. Oh Sarah Sweetie, I am so sorry to hear your story. I did speak to your sister for a few months before coorespondence became just too stressful and brought back way too many painful memories and I completely understand that and we haven’t talked for about a month now which saddens me because she validated the feelings that I was having in the initial period of me finding out.

    You are SO incredibly right about the peripheral victims. I was telling someone the other day that by the time you add up the victims themselves, the children he had who are also victims, the kids that the women already had and then family (siblings, parents, cousins, aunts, uncles), business associates, friends, neighbors, there have to be at least 200 people out there who have been negatively impacted by William Jordan. Maybe even more. The girl who killed herself is so increbily tragic and of course his story is different from the truth. He always spun the stories that it somehow the women’s fault or that he was powerless to help when things went awry. He was very good at deflecting the fault off of himself once things went to hell in a handbasket. His experience with a victim is like a boulder in a pond – it just ripples out and out and out. I know I’m not the only victim even in my own right. My 2 kids, mom, grandmom, aunt, cousins, co-workers and friends. Probably about 20-30 people he was in contact with and of course it’s negative now. Plus their siblings and if they tell someone, rippling even more.

    Yes, I am glad I terminated – most days. Some days I have regret and my due date is coming up in September. I have friends who are due between late August to Early October and seeing all about their pregnancies sting a bit. A few of the moms of his children told me how wonderful and well adjusted their kids are. I have photos of 11 of his children and they are absolutely stunning. I have even personally spoken to a few of them and they are bright and have great personalities. I am happy to tears that they are thriving DESPITE him. Because they have fabulous moms. They see their father for who he is and are realistic. I hate to say that I am glad they hate him because he isn’t worth the weight of a gnat. I am so sorry that you are so estranged from your family that it’s clear that you miss and love so dearly. I hope in time some bonds can be mended because life is so preciously short.

    The comments who say his victims are gullible really burn me up. He is just SO swift thinking, so conniving, so able to put out small fires at the blink of an eye that it’s not even funny. He is smooth, manipulative and he absolutely plays on a woman’s insecurities and vulnerabilities while looking like the knight in shining armor who is there to rescue them. He is gentlemanly, well spoken and seeminly kind. It’s all an act. He juggles several women at once, I realize and me going public is a purpose of hoping to find them and lend them our sick sisterhood of support, because his other victims have been really amazing and in my court with this whole legal hell I’m going through. I keep fighting the prosecutor’s office for more and more charges. Not just for me but for all of you. Ever since he has been jailed, his victims have come to me one by one and told me that they sleep better, they don’t look behind their shoulders and are starting to feel normal for the first time in a while. I admit, I feel the same way. I am starting to feel like the old Mischele: before the paranoia, the fear, the lies…….almost like normal. However after seeing the latest Investigation Discovery show on him, it brought all of my feelings right back up to the surface. It’s hard to deal with at times. I keep the other victims updated to give them peace of mind so they can continue to feel safe.

    I am also aware of what he did to that one girl that he hurt. That is absolutely unforgivable and so I’m working with legal people here to get the law changed that if a sex offender commits a crime overseas that they must have to register as a sex offender here. It was already in process when I came around but I am going to join the bandwagon on that to hopefully get him registered one day. I also want to create a rape/sex by deception/fraud to protect women from people like him who just prey and suck the life out of them while procreating with him to keep them tied to them. I terminated so that i would NOT have to be tied to him physically, emotionally or by any other means. It was my final way to be truly free from him. I am going to spend months in therapy and probably my kids too. Well, more my 13 year old who had really bonded with him but god knows what horrible plans he was coming up with for her. I shudder at the thought.

    I wish you the best Sarah. I hope that the rift can heal between your family members and that you can see your neices and nephews more once they become of age and can make their own choices. Please feel free to coorespond with me at any time at MischeleLewis@gmail.com I wish you all of the love and luck and hope in the world to be truly free from this sick and twisted sociopath/psychopath and his years of tyrany against women in multiple countries. I’m always here if you just need a sympathetic ear. xoxo

  7. Hey Michelle sorry to read everything you have been going through you ever need to talk let me know my cell number is 609-200-2879 or we can email or text back and fourth

    • Thank u for all that you share here with others mischelle
      I’m sure you are helping lots of women out there who are being put through or have been put through rape by deception
      It sounds like Liam was leading many different lives with different women. Feel sorry for the kids too that are part of his suck scam
      How are your kids?
      Have you met someone else or are you staying clear of relationships?


      • I think he is wondering how we all fared and to be honest, I have fairly stayed clear of relationships. I have dated, but not long term. It’s harder to trust people. I am not as open as I used to be and eventually this case comes up because my past is part is who I am today. Some people have rejected me because they don’t want to deal with that baggage, but I don’t fault them. It’s their prerogative. I am a better detective now and have uncovered a plethora of married men which is no Bueno.

  8. Honestly Mischele, are you really that naive you can’t see what’s going on with John Kuanas? Did you not learn anything from all this? Wow!

    • I have no idea who John Kuanas even is and that being said is irrelevant to this whole topic. No, I am not naive, this man is THAT good at lying and deceiving. You saw 42 minutes of over 10 hours of filming. So you don’t even have the whole story. Buy the book when it comes out.

  9. Thank you for sharing your experiences, I feel complete empathy for your situation having left a psychopath following the birth if our daughter who he had threatened to hurt. I am also an intelligent woman who fell into the web of a manipulative psychopath and it is an isolating experience. Many underestimate how difficult the path to recovery can be from such an experience. Many people (including family) felt I’d exaggerated or thought I had post natal depression. I hope you continue to find solace in your writing.

  10. Did this guy grow up in cherry hill? I’m from cherry hill and he looks like someone I went to school with…

  11. Mischele,

    This is a super random question, but we’re you wearing Jamberry nail wraps on your nails during your Dateline interview?

  12. You have got to be kidding me! Will you just get a life? Before you try giving me some sympathy, wet soppy story, I’d like to let you know that you are ridiculous. You don’t care about notifying other victims you care about revenge on my dad. You’re trying to make money from your experiences but you have no idea what it’s like being a child and what I have to go through every time another woman brings the most secret part of my life story to the news.

    • For your information, I haven’t made a single penny from anything. Many more victims have come forward from this sociopath and victims from people like him. I am sorry you have to live under the guise of this person who has ruined so many lives. It’s not fair to anyone, but at the same time I feel passionately about stopping him as he is out of jail and likely trolling for new victims, will possibly have new kids who just don’t deserve his existence. It’s not about revenge. It’s about stopping the cycle and it has to end before more loves are destroyed.

      • Trust me, its expensive to put a book out. Its thousands of dollars out of pocket, publicists, etc. I may or may not break even and that’s not the point. Its not about money. In addition, a portion of the proceess will go to Victim’s charities. So stop being so judgmental Mallory.

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