The Goose Is Loose

Yes, folks, the day I have been dreading since February of last year has finally come to fruition.  William Allen Jordan is back out on the streets to con yet another vulnerable victim, likely a single mother.  I am absolutely INCENSED with the New Jersey justice system.  How in the hell do violators have more rights than the victims?  It’s like the justice system serves to just victimize people repeatedly.

Lets go back a few months.  So I get a letter from the NJ parole board saying he filed for parole, yet again.  I go guns blazing with my multitudes of proof as to why this man should NOT be let out on the streets of ANYWHERE and then weeks, months go by without a word.  I call to find out the status only to find he has withdrawn his petition either on the merit that it would only garner him weeks if not a month or two of early release of he knew that I could go at him so hard he had no way of winning.  I would like to hope it was B.  So I get told back in July or August that he will likely be released between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Oh joy.  /sarcasm

My and the other victims have been diligent in checking the NJ DOC website and saw his release date get moved closer and closer and closer.  For real???  I call all over the place when I find out that the date was moved to October 24th.  In doing the math of time served while the trial was going on and then time served since February of 2015, in October he would have only served 2 years of a 3 year sentence.  Yet the Burlington County Prosecutor on my case said he should max out, so what the hell happened??  Evidently you can earn credit for good behavior and since he is not a violent offender and prisons being as overcrowded as they are (blah, blah, blah), he was eligible for early release.  Good behavior, really?  He harassed a girl for months from jail to where she had to file a report with the prison and even then the harassment kept up after the face.  She had to file a restraining order against him to get it to stop.  That is good behavior, victimizing victims from behind bars?  Wake up New Jersey!?!?   This is a man who should be locked up and the key melted into a titanium brick, surrounded by concrete and thrown in the biggest, deepest ocean trench or launched into outer space, never to be seen again.

Around the same time that I am getting this info, I get contacted by a UK production company to do a documentary on internet schemes of which they came across my story.  Of course I said yes.  I never turn down an interview and a chance to just educate people on how predators like Jordan work.  Even to this day I receive regular communication from victims who come across my blog, my facebook site, one of my previous interviews, etc and come looking for help for themselves in getting out of a toxic relationship, on how to prosecute a conning ex (or in some cases, soon to be ex) or help on how to heal from such a personally crushing blow.  I reply to EVERY email or message I get, even the hate mail.  If someone will take the time to search me, then I feel I owe them a reply.  I will continue to advocate for victim’s rights until my dying day.  I get my days where I just feel lower than low, but I have a great support system around me that propels me forward and I want to be a good role model for my children.  My son almost doesn’t even recall a world that doesn’t involve the media as he was 4 when all of this went down.

Now let me tell you about a horrific incident I had yesterday while filming for this new documentary (airing details will follow as I get the info).  So I filmed on Sunday, yesterday and will be filming again tomorrow.  Yesterday was a day of location shoots so we were pretty much on the road all day. They wanted to see the places we went.  Around 10am we were at the site of the arrest that the Daily Mail had caught photos of.  We did some interview work and then we were getting some B roll footage when I spot someone walking about 3 blocks away.  I tell the camera guy I am with that I think that is Will Jordan coming towards us.  He looks and says no, that guy is way too young.  Another block goes by and I tell him again, I truly think that is him.  By now I am sure the camera guy though I was paranoid, perhaps because of where we were.  Now the figure is across the street – total opposite sides of the street of where the arrest actually happened and the man looks a bit startled and confused.  By then I know without a doubt from across 4 lanes of traffic that it’s him! I had spent over a year knowing that walk, the mannerisms and style of dress.  When Jordan spots us, he goes up the road about 100 feet and then I guess says to hell with it and crosses the street in very close proximity to us.  The camera man tells me to get in the car and I feel my heart just racing away.  He starts to pack up the camera because he doesn’t want to engage in anything that may provoke this completely disturbed, psychotic human being (if he can even be counted in our species).  We drive away and I am just a bundle of nerves.  After the fact we were able to have a good laugh about how wildly ironic that way and how we didn’t catch any of that on film.  My body betrayed me with the fight or flight response and we went on about our day like nothing had happened, but I hope that Jordan realizes that just because he is out of jail and time has gone by that I am going to just stop my campaign to expose sociopaths/psychopaths like him.  He may have a new victims, he may be grooming for a new victim, so single ladies have to be diligent!

I received a call from a friend who saw him walking down the same road this morning while she was late for work and she was just agape with horror as she didn’t realize that I already knew he was out of jail. I appreciate my friends beyond words.  The first person I reached out to was Mary, Jordan’s ex-wife. Not my family or anyone else, Mary.  Why?  Because I was put into a place of 2 years ago when I would secretly film all day pretending like everything was honkey dory and then talking to her and the other victims all night about what had been discussed during the day and how I can get the video files to them so that they could see with their own eyes what kind of rubbish he had said that day.  I see the lies for what they are…..NOW.  But in the moment, I was mentally brainwashed to believe his crap and that’s what it was – crap.  Lies cloaked in partial truths so that there were less lies overall to have to remember.  I will say he looks like hell.  Gaunt, thin, looking more his 51 years than before he went into prison.  I hope it was hell for him.  Miserable and void of anything worthwhile.  After all it’s a punishment, not a 5 star resort.

There is a renewed sense of vigilance that I have.  I have rewritten all of the political contacts that I had in moving forward with my law, with getting Jordan listed as a Megan’s Law offender and anything else that I can do to help victims in any way.  If the law doesn’t want to work for victims, you advocate and persistently keep pushing to change the laws so that it does.  I am not done, not by a long shot.  doc



Slacking and Other Updates

Ok, I will be the first to admit, I haven’t posted an update in about forever!  So much has happened in the last few months.  As a start, I still reply to all comments that come to me here and to every email that comes to me through this site and for being diligent in sending your messages along, I thank you.  I get far less hate mail and far more support emails and messages for help or those who just want to tell their stories and know they are not alone.  I was hoping that this would be the end result at some point.  Kindred spirits all conjoining together.  I know that I felt really good to know that I wasn’t alone in my own situation with other William Jordan victims, to hear their stories, hear their feelings and see how they have overcome it all through the years and how it does get better.  It’s true, time does heal all things.  I am in a better place than I was 6 months ago and certainly in a better place a year ago when the whole legal drama ended with Jordan going back to jail. That, I will say, is where my healing truly began.

I started to write my book and when it got just past the part of his first arrest, to read back on my own text messages and emails became really hard.  To analyze it all through different eyes was hard.  I had seen where I was trusting too much, loving too much, putting faith in not just one basket, but a basket full of holes.  Gaping ones.  I was able to read conversations between us where he would constantly turn things around on me.  Everything was my fault.  I misinterpreted something he said, I took something out of context, I extrapolated something the wrong way, I was reading more into something than it was, I was being too sensitive, etc, etc, etc.  He would apologize before making a back handed comment that I wouldn’t recognize in my need for forgiveness and acceptance.  So I took time off from the book.  Then last summer I decided to do something crazy like go back to school in 7 week blocks instead of 15 week semesters.  It was very writing intensive and with the kids home from school, trying to be a full time nurse, full time mom and a student on top of it, the book got further pushed to the wayside.  After 2 semesters, I was really feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all.  I realized that online learning is not my cup of tea.  It has been 10 years since I graduated college the first time, but I was married and my daughter was young.  I wasn’t working so that I could focus on school full time and my daughter was in daycare on my school days and picked up by my husband while I studied with my my group of study buddies whom I still consider sacred friends to this day.  I need a classroom, but I am a different woman now.  I work full time nights, I am a full time single mom.  My mom watches my kids on the nights and weekends that I work so I can’t manage to saddle her any more to watch the kids so that I can attend classes and also adjust my work schedule to attend classes in person.  So now school is on hold and we are going back to the book.  I NEED to complete the book.  For starters, a lot of people are asking me about it because they want to read the details that no print or television interview can ever convey because there is just not enough time.  I also wanted enough time to go by that I could also go through the healing process of the last year rather than just the whole sordid story itself.

I am dedicating the year of 2016 as a good year.  It’s going to be a year of metamorphosis and change. It’s going to be life anew on many levels: personally, internally, professionally, educationally and any other way that I can find.  I did an interview with Fox News locally for a show called Chasing News.  It airs between Philadelphia and New York and either leads into the 10pm news or at midnight. It’s a show shot on GoPro cameras and then the various producers discuss the different segments.  So on a random day at Starbucks, me and the one producer, Jessica had an hour long chat.  We’re both local and she had come across my story. In the end Jordan, who has refused every interview that has gone his way – probably because he doesn’t want to get crucified more in the media than he already has been – said he just wants to move on with his life.  That his hysterical!!!  Hopefully he will never be able to move on with another female as long as he lives because he will NEVER change his spots.  After 3 decades of conning and deceit, it’s not going to change. Perhaps he should have made better choices in life.  He has made his bed and will have to lie in his bed of consequences forever.  As if the 20+ victims in his wake will ever be able to truly move on without a scar on their heart and their psyche. As if they will ever be the whole people they were before. Yeah, good luck with that buddy.  As is typical, the male point of view was very antagonistic and judgmental about the sex by fraud law.  It’s always the same misconception: that anyone and everyone will just go willy nilly accusing people of sex by deception.  Unfortunately for the truly ignorant, the judicial system doesn’t work like that.  You will have to provide your burden of proof, your absolute proof that you were deceived, intentionally for the sake of sex.  To prove that the other person acted truly out of malicious intent.  The police are not going to go around arresting every jilted lover out there. That isn’t even the purpose nor intent of the law.  It’s to catch those who go around and essentially catfish people egregiously. Those who lie about their identity, steal another’s identity in order to be with someone and for the purpose to deceive, harm, steal another’s identity, steal their possessions, cause emotional distress up to and including symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder as some victims have experienced in the aftermath of the most severe mental manipulators. Those are the criminals that I want to get off the streets.  The people who would serve to be a psychiatrist’s dream case. So just know, you are not alone.  You are never alone. I have received upwards of 300 emails and facebook messages over the last year of men and women who have been conned in their past.  Sometimes it’s a crime of the heart and mind and others have literally lost everything.  It astounds me as to how common these kinds of crimes are but next to none are prosecuted.  I have hope that in telling people the steps I took, that some people have sought justice in their own right.  For those who couldn’t, I know what it’s like to feel helpless because that’s how I felt before the authorities got involved in my case and it started to take shape.  I can feel that feeling like it was yesterday rather than 2 years ago.  The strong urge to want to stop this reign of terror but not knowing what steps to take, where to turn and who would help.  I also told very few people because I felt so incredibly stupid for falling prey to something like that.  I felt full of shame and regret for putting my family, my children and my friends through that year of fakeness and some people endure it for years or decades.  I have lost friends because of what happened and get judged about it all of the time, but I am in a place that I just don’t give a shit.   I took back my power by giving it a voice, by giving it a name and by going public about it.  Is it for everyone?  No. Everyone has to find their own healing process whether it be through therapy, art, working out, yoga, meditation, music or shouting it loud from the rooftops.  Find what works for you and roll with it.  I hope you find your inner peace.  Below is the Fox News interview:


A 24 hour City Girl

Several weeks ago I was contacted by this burgeoning show out of New York City who came across this blog and had ready my story and like most people were flabbergasted to read the ordeal that I’ve had to go through the last 2 years with William Jordan the whirlwind romance, the “secret life”, the money, the engagement and then me finding the truth. After that was court date after court date, uncovering more victims and finally his sentencing.  It’s been a really long and emotionally taxing two years to say the least, but I digress.  So they invited me to be one of their first guests.  They explained to me what the show was about and it was to keep American’s families safe by profiling other people’s cautionary tales.  I am more than willing to tell my story from the rooftops, mountaintops, skyscraper tops – anywhere that may prevent other victims or have victims get out of these wholly toxic relationships that can damage some people irreparibly depending on how long the deceit and the extent of the lies that were told.  It makes my heart so happy when I receive emails from people who come to me and thank me for telling my story because they feel inspired or empowered to get out, to try to prosecute their aggressors.  Not all cases are as cut and dry as mine was where I had the theft by deception very locked up and I was just praying that the other charges stuck because the more charges there were, the more time he got.  To keep that man off the streets away from the general public, especially single mom’s that he is NOT preying on gives me great peace in my soul. So they wanted to tell my story on their show which is hosted by Paul Viollis who had worked his way through the New York District Attorney’s Office of Criminal Court.  He is a trained profiler and has been the CEO of Corporate Risk Consulting.  Needless to say, a very varied and impressive background.  He has been doing podcasts called The Security Brief and now it’s being taken into a syndicated show that starts airing in a few weeks.  After a lot of phone calls, email exchanges of information and setting dates, I was off to the Big Apple for about 24 hours to film for the show.  Needless to say they were just so amazing to me, my mom and several other victims who came with me, appeared by skype or by telephone.  It gave me an additional place to tell my story and for people to recognize red flags that I will admit I was too blinded by love and blind faith that things would improve, that “Liam” would finally come through for us and eveything would be ok between us. He always had these lofty promises of how great our life would be after x, y, z happened and would assure me that through our problems were front loaded, our lives would be amazing when everything finally fell into place, which of course they never did.

So after a tummy bug from what I think was spoiled Chinese food from the night before and a lot of pepto bismol later, we were off to NY via car service (that never gets old!).  Here are some of my views traveling up the NJ Turnpike:


One World Trade Center, whose observation deck opened just this past Friday.  Having been up this way all my life, I still can’t get over the difference in the skyline without the twin towers there.


We waited a good 30+ minutes in line just to go through the Lincoln Tunnel.  Private drivers have the patience of Job!


The USS Intrepid museum – Intrepid means “fearless”.  It was absolutely appropriate for my reason to be in the city.


Stop at the Hotel Belleclaire which is at 77th street and Broadway.  It was a block from the Beacon Theater, Central Park, The Museum of Natural History.  Much more of a residential area on the upper West Side than midtown.


After a lousy night’s sleep, I was dressed to impress!


Their greenroom was comfy, but not green.  It was blue.  🙂


Sign on the inside of their green room.  I guess for those who travel so extensively to remember what town they were in.  Not that you can ever forget NYC!


Myself and the show host Paul Viollis after we filmed the show.  Such a consummate gentlemen.  Kept giving me encouragement every commercial break and his staff couldn’t have been lovelier.


Then of course I had to treat us to some Gray’s Papaya hot dogs!  They are world famous and referenced in a ton of movies.  I was NOT disappointed.  Their pina colada drink is divine and very refreshing.  We waanted the coconut champagne but they were out.  Boo hiss….   There was an Insomnia Cookie around the corner that we wanted to check out but alas didn’t.  There was also a 24 hour bakery on the next block with some of the most decadent fruit tarts I had ever seen.  Of course intentions are always well but reality doesn’t quite fit in there.

I am so thankful that 3 other victims could join me on the show.  Mary Turner Thomson and one of the children she bore with William Jordan appeared by Skype out of Scotland.  Another victim “Liz” appeared in shillouette and then one more “Ava” (who couldn’t get out of work) was there by phone.  I hung out with “Liz” the night before.  We had talked on the phone, excchanged phone numbers, emails and such but we never met face to face.  Let me say she is a kindred spirit!  We connected right away with our common job of nurses, children and of course William Jordan who she knew as Gui Jones.  He had pretended to be a pediatric resident at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  He would be there in hospital issued scrubs and have lunch with her and then they’d go their separate ways.  The relationship between her and Jordan with my relationship overlapped for about the first 6 months.  Then he disappeared off the planet and she never heard from him again until she picked up a fluke night shift for a friend, was getting dressed and sat on her remote which tuned into Dateline on NBC and she saw his face.  She was in absolute shock and we connected that night.  Her and I think that he has a “type” as we’re all amazing, strong women and good mothers.  A psychologist would have a field day trying to crack that man’s mind and why he does what he does.

My mom and I had dinner at Bettola which is on Amsterdam in ther upper West Side.  It was a little chilly for al fresco dining, so we went inside.  I had the pasta with the peccorino romano sauce and fresh black pepper.  It was light and delicious.  My mom had a spinach fetucchini that had sausage and peas in a light lemon basil sauce.  They were to die for.

The show, called The Security Brief, will be airing in syndication starting June 29th.  My show was the 4th one ever filmed yet, so I would assume it would be the 4th story to air which sould put me at July 2nd.  I was told it could be on Bravo, Lifetime, and other stations.  I will keep you all updated of course when I have the official word.

It was truly amazing to have those other girls there with me.  Liz and Ava had never spoken publically about their stories and I hope that it gave them some peace, a feeling of accomplishment and empowerment that they are potentially helping other men and women out there who may be in relationships like that and need to get out!  Or people who didn’t know that they could prosecute.  I have helped a few people start their cases just by telling them what evidence I had amassed and what channels I had to go through in order to get someone to take the case and how hard I had to ride the prosecutor to get a modicum of justice out of the system.  They call me their hero and I call them mine.  I love the mutual admiration that we have and that we can have conversations that nearly nobody else on the earth could possibly understand except for us victims.  I was just smiling ear to ear during their segments.  Ladies, I am PROUD of you!

I love New York.  If I had a really good income, I could move then in a heartbeat. I love the vibe, the little intricate stores and restaurants and the fact that there is ALWAYS something going on, even if it’s just people watching.

So needless to say I will keep everyone updated on the show and I was notified by Troy Singleton’s office that our bill was not on the agenda for next week’s judicial hearing meetings.  I also found out that there is this fraudulent imposter has been using my name all over her blog in orter to attempt to bolster her own image in this process when in reality she has NONE.  I am sorry I ever met her, talked to her, told her anything.  She is hell bent in stealing my law from me and she doens’t even live in the state of NJ nor is she Troy’s constituent like I am.  Her suggestions end up going to the round recycle bin and that’s about it.  She has a blog post up asking for the public’s input on what to change the name to.  I have been in touch with Troy’s office since that I was brought up to my attnetion and they said she calls and they just uh-huh her to death.  She is sick, twisted and convulted by constantly referencing my name and Jordan’s crime, but I really want her to keep my name out of her mouth and out of her blog.  I see a cease desist letter coming soon.

Until next time….


When Brelfies are Debatable

When Brelfies are Debatable.


There should be NO debate about this. Let women nurse where they want and stop making it a social taboo.





The Support and Controversy

After months of filming, my Datline NBC episode aired to 6.74 million viewers across the country.   I live tweeted during the boardcast, In an hour my social media blew up to proportions I couldn’t imagine.  This blog received nearly 5,000 views, multiple comments.  My facebook page received hundreds of comments and texts poured in constantly.   The large marjority of the feedback was positive with a percentage of people who only focused on the negative and COMPLETELY lost the whole purpose of the show which was to educate men and women in the deceptive practices of sociopathic con artists, expose the country to William Allen Jordan as a person and hopefully find new victims who can create new cases against him to get him off the streets away from humanity for as much and as long as possible to minimize his impact on women and children.  There were people who just judged me on the termination alone – some stating they had turned it off when they heard that.  Like really?  Last I checked this country was a free one and I had the right to choose.  I spent a long time trying to explain my motive, my reasons and what a difficult choice it was at the time until I was blue bue people are going to hold firmly onto their long held beliefs and not amount of deductive reasoning will ever sway them.  Then there was the majority of people who said I missed obvious red flags, was desperate, naive, stupid, idiotic, etc.   Let me tell you folks, I’m not losing sleep over your opinions of me.  There are 6 billion people in this world and the input of a few hundred to a thousand really don’t rank really high on my give a shit meter.  Dateline and I filmed over 7 hours of footage, my interview with Dennis Murphy being almost 4 hours by itself if not longer.  It was a whole year’s worth of information that had to be crammed down to 40 minutes of television so there is no way the whole entire story with every little detail explain and told.  Even in this blog I don’t even have all of the details because I’m saving that for the book where I can go more in depth with the details, my thoughts and feelings.  Here are some FAQ’s that came up repeatedly:

  • Some people were confused and thought that I continued to let Jordan be around my children after I found out he was a child molester – false.  He never stepped foot in my house or near my kids again after that.
  • That I didn’t go to the authorities when I found out he was a child molester – partial truth.  I didn’t get the police inovlved for a couple of weeks becuase I just didn’t know where to start and was building evidence to go to the authorities and I had made a call to the Burlington County Prosecutor’s office 2 weeks after I found out.  It’s not like you can just go to the police with these kinds of accusations and no proof or else they will just laugh you out of the station.  I wanted to be sure and positive that charges wouldn’t get thrown out.
  • I failed report him as a sex offender – false.  His conviction was in the UK and when he was deported here, he didn’t have to list as a Megan’s Law offender.  I am working with the Camden County Proesecutor’s Office who is working with the US Marshals office to get him listed.  There is a process to everything and everything takes time.
  • I was desperate – false.  I haven’t been in a relationshp since then, so if I’m so depserate why am I not hopping man to man?
  • That I was not selective with who I sleep with – false.  Jordan and I didn’t take our relationship physical for months and the pregnancy was planned at the time.  It’s not like I was some promiscuous floozy who was reckless, this was a choice that we had made together but with me obviously not having all of the facts as to the identity of Jordan.
  • That I was naive and didn’t do a check – false.  I paid for a background check based on the information that I had and of course nothing came up.  Why?  Because Liam Allen didn’t exist like all of his other alias identies.  It’s why I am so adamant about publishing all of his aliases as I get them so that he can’t hide behind them anymore.
  • That I’m naive – possibly.  Is anyone in this life perfect?  Has nobody ever been lied to?  Perhaps not to this kind of an extent, but when you love someone you tend to trust them and take them at their word.  Until that point I have never experience anyone who was just so willful and spiteful to want to purposely deceive people without flinching and making ti seem so natural.  You all saw the footage – his mannerisms were so natural and matter of fact.  He always had an air of confidence in everything he said as if it was the gospel truth.  Until the very end, why would i have a reason to not believe or trust someone who was begging me to put blind faith in them?
  • I was a vigilante out for revenge – false.  I was out for justice.  If I just moved on after finding out what I did, what purpose would that solve?  Put my head in the sand and make it someone else’s problem?  Let him molest another child, let him scam another single mom, impregnant another impressionalbe girl with a baby that he’ll never take care of?  I don’t know any of the vitcims in the US who came before me as they traveled their own road with him and have their own reasons and purposes for not having him prosecuted, but if one of them would have taken this road, it wouldn’t have happened to me.  I hope that I have empowered other women to stand strong and firm against men who take advantage of them and not be ashamed of what happened but let it be a cautionary tale.

Another thing was the rape/sex by fraud/deception.  Ok, we filmed Dateline last summer and at the time I was calling it rape by fraud.  When it was first introduced to the assembly of New Jersey, it was called rape by deception but a lot of people were “offended” by that term, so it has been changed to sex by fraud or sex by deception.  Relax people, it’s just semantics.  It’s not meant to offend people or dismiss people who have been victims of traumatic rape, but not giving knowing consent to the person you are sleeping with is STILL RAPE.  When did lying so badly to a sexual partner became OK in this country?  When did this become permissible?  I am here to tell you that I am not going anywhere with this idea and will work on changing the views of how people view sex by deception and egregious lying for the sake of sex.  It’s NEVER OK and I received a lot of emails and facebook messages from people who told me their own stories and supported the idea of rape by deception because they felt violated too.  But guess what? Like traumatic rape NOBODY TALKS ABOUT IT and I’m here to keep the dialogue open and going in this country.

I was up nearly all night long Sunday night replying to every single person who messaged, emailed or contacted me through the blog.  I felt the need to do it, especially if someone had the good graces to take time out of their life to search me and send me a message, especially to lend support, tell me their stories or just to lift me up with their prayers.  Know I read all of them and replied to every one that I got.  I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart and appreciate that there was more support than criticism. To update everyone, 2 past victims have come forward to me which only just validates that what I did was the right thing. So to all of the naysayers, stick it.  He told one girl that he was a pediatric doctor working for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and she even met him there for lunch in the cafeteria.  He had what seemed to be hospital supplied scrubs.  A victim from a few months ago said he told her he was a pediatric trauma nurse in Philadelphia and apparent sent her the same photo of him in scrubs. One victim said he often had hundreds if not thousands of dollars in cash on him (probably victim money) and she never paid for anything, but then there are those like me that he did nothing but take and take and take.  Here is the offending scrub photo:

att_1422240146602196 (1)

Another victim who came forward from a few years ago said they met when he was a mail room file clerk for a company that is local.  Obviously this man has a variety of “jobs” but in reality nothing is ever more than entry level as evidenced by him working at Macy’s in the Cherry Hill Mall just before Christmas.  Yeah, he lost that job becuase he was recognized so much and people reported him.

A disturbing fact came forward to me recently – he has been spending his weekends in Vermont, around the vicinity of Brattleboro or thereabouts.  I am sure that he is trolling for a new sweetheart if he hasn’t found one already in order to con before he goes back to jail next week.  He may be wanting to escape the local news here and go somewhere he doens’t think he will be recognized, so if you know someone in Vermont, in that area, share and share and share about this man.  He needs to not be able to escape prosecution next week (the 6th), not that Dateline doesn’t air coast to coast, in perpetuity of reruns anyway.

For those who couldn’t view the Dateline NBC episode live, here is a link to view it whenever you want and as many times as you want as well as to share it, especially with friend and family living in the Northeast.

Until next time…