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  1. Wow – very stupid woman. I don’t believe anything any guy tells me out of the gate….Just don’t understand how anyone can be that stupid. The minute he asked for $1 — I would have been out of there.

    • Well,, we should all be as brilliant ad you. I didn’t believe everything he said right out of the gate, but he had fraudulent Iad,, fake documents, fraudulent credit cards and his lies evolved over many mobths.

      • He convinced you that he was a spy, it’s not a question of brilliance but straight up retardation. You got conned because you are dumb, now men everywhere have to pay because of your “rape by deception law” you are trying to get passed. Get a reality check, you are completely out of control with this stuff, men and women lie to one another to get what they want, it doesn’t mean it’s right but also doesn’t mean there needs to be laws made beyond fraud. You got conned out of 4 grand, get a grip, what about men that have to pay that much in alimony a month to to support a gold digging ex’s “lifestyle”. If anything what your doing is diminishing ACTUAL victims of rape.

      • You know nothing of my background so please stop acting like you know. I am a single. mom who hasn’t seen a penny of child support for 6 years. So while it may be 4 grand to you, it’s a lot of lost memories and things stolen from not only me but my children and family. It also wasn’t about getting my money back, it was about seeing this man brought to justice and get him off the streets. I am one of the luckier women. Others of his victims are out yens and hundreds of thousands of dollars and decades of horrible, lost memories because of THIS particular man. I don’t feel bad about any man or woman who gets caught by this law. If you do deceitful this on purpose and get caught, pay for it!!!! What the hell happen to basic decency and respect? More MEN are mad about the law. Why? Because they are the biggest cons out there. Can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

    • This is a frog in boiling water situation. You don’t know you’re cooked until you are. These people are masters at predatory behavior. They don’t introduce odd sounding things til way after they’ve an hire your trust and love. If it were more obvious early anyone would get out.

      • That is a perfect analogy. I received a lot of emails, comments, posts about this and have had so many people tell me their own stories. It’s not an uncommon occurance, but it’s also not commonly talked about.

    • Good on you GM. Your comment is stupid. Don’t make assumptions on a situation you were not in, have never been in and know nothing about. I guarantee you would get conned if the guy was really good at it.

  2. While my story (with a different individual) did not go nearly as deep as yours, I experienced something similar with a person I’ve deemed to be a serial user. We met on-line and actually have a number of mutual friends, i.e., people we both know in real life.

    JWMc and I have never met in person, as I live in one part of the country, while he lives in the DC area, having migrated there from Rhode Island. For anyone who has the misfortune of encountering him, he masquerades as a minister. Our relationship lasted almost a year, during which we got to know one another, making all kinds of plans for the the future.

    In hindsight, I recognize all sorts of red flags that I should have heeded but only shrugged off. Of our many mutual friends, one did try to warn me but it all seemed so wonderful, that I wouldn’t listen to her.

    I figured him out, ironically, by reaching out to someone he’d been instrumental in introducing me to. I’m pretty sure he never thought we’d compare notes!!

    She and I did eventually meet and much like you have done with Liam’s other conquest, we have forged an unlikely bond…

    Although I’ve moved on, every so often, I have a burning urge to humiliate him. Instead, I will thank you for sharing your story and will live vicariously through your success in having exposed this jerk!!

    • So sorry to hear about your story. Hindsight is an amazing thing but doesn’t save us in the moment. I certainly know the feeling to want to get back at the offender and for so many, justice never comes. I happened to get lucky to prove the fraud amongst other things, to get this man convicted and to expose him for who he is to the world. Hopefully people will see that evil like this is out there.

  3. Mischele, I cannot believe how many people are writing horrible things to you. It’s amazing how brave people are on a keyboard! I applaud you!

    • i agree with you MLA!!!!! and the people making negative comments should not comment on a situation they were not involved in because you truly never know what you would do til you are faced with it!

  4. Mishele,
    I am sad to read negative comments towards you that say you are stupid, dumb etc. because you were conned by this man. I saw your story on Dateline, and I am really struck by the emotional damage this man left in his wake. It is clear he harms others without remorse, similar to someone who chooses to rape without remorse. I am sorry that happened to you.
    It is really painful to observe others denigrating a victim of such despicable behavior by another. For those who have calle Mischele stupid, dumb etc. out there; do you also go up to rape victims and call them stupid for getting raped? To me, it seems to be the same phenomenon. And, if you do blame a rape victim for being raped, you contribute to the problem of our rape culture, and in this case, you contribute to the problem of the serious emotional damage that this man has unleashed onto the world by victimizing so many women and children. Either, we decide to stop violence or we perpetuate it with our words and actions.

    • Thank you and high five!!!! You couldn’t have said it better. In the 2 years since dateline originally aired, the majority of people who have called me dumb have been men and men are the biggest perpetrator of lies in a relationship over women in hetero or homosexual relationships. The number of people who judge me n being processed choice tend to be women, generally from bible belt states who hold tight to their religion. To each their own. However we have to get away from being a society who bashes the victim and not the evil people in this world who commit these crimes. I live and let go. I refuse to allow these people to rent space in my head. So I read it and their comments are gone. I don’t let them affect nor haunt me because I wholly believe in my message, in my work and in my choices. Thank you for being an advocate voice. ❤

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