Parole vs. ISP?

Yes, you heard it here first.  William Jordan has applied for BOTH parole and ISP which is the intense supervision program AKA house arrest. My best educated guess is that he is hoping if one is denied he will get granted the other.  How do I feel about it?  I am PISSED THE FUCK OFF!!!!   He was assigned to 3 years in jail.  Apparently the time he has already served in jail is OK for him to apply for these programs so soon.   He has barely been in jail for just over 2 months and is still sitting in the NJ State prison sorting facility and hasn’t even been sorted to a state prison yet!  Oh and while he is there he continues to stalk one of his last victims in Vermont who states he calls her about 10 times a day from jail.  I thought this was impossible but apparently, you can barter for phone time by trading favors and goods to other inmates.  How this is allowed is beyond me.  I have told this victim to change her phone number, to refile for a restraining order, to file harassment charges in her jurisdiction and then file a complaint to the jail once she does that.  I have tried to follow up with her, but have received no reply.  I don’t know if she is possibly still under his spell, unable to really break from him, if she just doesn’t want to talk to me or if he has ceased the calls hopefully giving up on her.  God knows if there are others between the girl in Vermont and another girl somewhere else.  I am not ever fully sure.  I sent off multiple victim letters all against him receiving ISP as well as a timeline of his convictions, his victims and his crimes that weren’t prosecuted spanning the last 30 years.  I spoke to the parole board and had a 2 hour long interview with them and was pleasantly surprised that their questions really geared towards Jordan’s NEGATIVE aspects!   I had a LOT of information and have also passed onto them the same letters sent to the ISP people as well as the timeline to show that he is a HUGE risk to let back out into the community.  Not only that but I need more time to reestablish myself to where he can’t find me.  In the months that he has been jailed, I traded in my car for a new one and am planning on purchasing a new home.  I want a William Jordan free life.  I don’t want to look around my house and see projects he did, see places that we were, memories with my children……   I want a fresh start for all of us and where that takes us, I am not sure yet but have narrowed it down to a few communities that are safe, friendly, cost effective and great for the kids.  I want to be granted to get my feet settled enough from the immense turmoil this man put my life into to start over where memories don’t evade every facet.  I have to wait a month to hear from either ISP or the parole board, but I am hoping that it goes in my favor and then he cannot apply again for one year.  Not that I would EVER let him attempt to get out without a fight and once he does get out, let it be known that he will not be able to hide in the shadows and continue to con women.  He will have to atone for 30 years of broken hearts, children he never raised, monies stolen, lives torn apart, families askew.  He can’t just get out and live under the enabling wing of his parents.  Oh no.  It’s not going to happen if I have to take out a billboard with his name and face and crimes on it on a major highway.   I will keep educating the public about this man for as long as HE lives.  He is, after all, considerably older than me. I am starting to believe his parents should be put away for enabling his crimes after all these years.  He would talk to one wife on the phone and then talk to the other wife on the phone, asking both about their kids.  When Mary Turner Thompson had her first child by William Jordan, his parents actually CONGRATULATED her on having their first grandchild despite the fact that he had already fathered 6 before hers!!!!   I believe that they receive some sort of windfall of his deception.  Many victims have talked to them in the past and I nearly confronted his father after the truth came out when I had an outing with another victim who happens to socialize somewhere where his dad does as well.  He saw us together and the change in his whole demeanor was fabulous.   Score one for the Jordan Victims.

Other than being pissed off at the justice system, I have just been trying to live life day to day.  I took my daughter to New York weekend for a lavish girl’s weekend away and tried to get as many things off her “to do ” list as possible.  Lunch at Alice’s Tea Room, the Empire State Building, The Museum of Natural History.  We stayed in Time’s Square so we were all over there too.  Found a little bakery that had macarons which she loves, so we got a variety of pastries.  Went to Dylan’s Candy Bar and got a bunch of old favorites for me, candy dots for my son and she got her own bag of yummies.  Of course we caved and got a box of Bertie Bot’s Every Flavored beans from the Harry Potter movie.  Blech!!!   We tried grass, vomit, earwax, rotten egg (we gagged on that one), earthworm and others.  I think we spit all out.  Totally gross, but we did it for the experience.  Yeah, I paid $75 dollars for a breakfast buffet in our hotel, but it’s memories that last a lifetime.  It’s not about things bought, it’s about the memories that one has as they grow.  I know I have fond memories of day trips with my grandparents.  Of being at my parent’s diner and making new concoctions in the kitchen.  Lots of boredom, though, but we were together.  I spend the day at Six Flags with my son today.  I was so proud of him!!!  He went on a lot of new rides that he had never been on before, some of them he wanted to go on multiple times!  While I try to do things as a family, I know that they need to have their one on one time so that they can feel special, feel important for a day and have my total undivided attention.  I love that spring has FINALLY arrived to the northeast.  I hope that we have seen the last of sub-freezing temperatures and snow.  The flowering trees are in bloom, bulbs are blooming, the air is fresh, the grass is green again.  I just love it.  I wish I could take April to early June off of work and just be outdoors.

Slowly working on my base tan and as usual, working on a diet.  I feel like 80% of society is on a diet at any given time.Why can’t we just love the bodies we are in?  Thin, fat, average, bottom heavy, top heavy, double chin, sunken features, whatever it is, I wish that we could just love the bodies that we’re in.  I LOVE Lane Bryant’s new #ImNoAngel campaign which shows plus sized women in their lingerie (which I love) with fat, rolls and beauty abundant.  Feeling confident in my skin has never been my strong suit.  One day…..  I have been trying to immense myself in yoga.  The studio that I went to had an art and yoga day.  It was great!  Combined my 2 favorite things and I am finding yoga to be very cathartic.  One of the mantras that I take away nearly every session is to let go of the things that do not serve me.  This means the drama and stress over this case.  I am working on letting go, but it’s so damned hard.  At least with the ISP and parole on my heels and knowing that he could get out in as little as 2 months.  But in the short term, I take those mantras and make it the intention of my practice.  Let go, breathe.  Focus on the poses.  Always learning.  Improving. It’s ok to stumble once in a while as long as you keep trying…..   My studio had an art and yoga session and this was my creation!!!


I did a photo shoot and an interview for South Jersey Magazine to print next month, I believe.  Some of the photos came out phenomenal.  I am still really shy with photographers and their direction.  They wanted fierce, strong, accomplished.  In retrospect, I should have given them more poses.  It’s a learning lesson.  Here is a photo of me prior to starting:

SJ Mag Pic

Well below are some photos of my life in the past few weeks.  I hope you enjoy them.  🙂   Until next time….

My kid’s Easter Baskets and my Easter Orchids – my favorite flowers!

Me feeding a giraffe some sweet potato sticks at our local Six Flags.  Very strange but lovely experience!

My new spring Origami Owl locket.  Totally me.  Free like the butterflies, beautiful flowers which I love and a little sparkle thrown in as well as a reminder to love life!


Victory At Last!

Eleven days short of one year of finding out the truth about William Allen Jordan, there is justice at long last.  Today was sentencing day!!!   If you will recall, back on November 11, 2014, he signed and accepted the plea deal for 3 years in prison effective TODAY!   Court was supposed to start at 9am and in typical William Jordan style, he was late.  Nearly 2 hours late.  My victim’s advocate was thinking that his attorney probably holed him away in a spare room, but I know better.  It was a very chilly morning, but not as chilly as yesterday with winds in the 40 mph range making it feel like 0 degrees F. The sun was out and the snow and ice is still melting from the past couple of storms that thankfully didn’t drop a deluge of snow on us (sorry New England).  After stopping for my typical iced coffee and heading up to the courthouse to face the same judge that has seen this case all along, we were waiting for the prosecutor to show up as well as Jordan.  I have to admit, sitting in a courtroom can be pretty fascinating.  There are some really crazy people out there and unless you’re forced to sit through other proceedings, you would never realize the kind of crime that goes on around us.  Finally the prosecutor comes in and pulls me into a conference room.  He was notified by Jordan’s attorney that he had a cashier’s check for the FULL RESTITUTION AMOUNT!   He said that is VERY unprecedented.  My first thought?  Whose money is it?  I still hadn’t laid eyes on Jordan yet so I didn’t believe anything until he showed up, check in hand and it cleared.  A half hour later, my mom nudged me and said, “He’s here.”   I refused to turn to look at him.  I could just see the movement of a person in the periphery of my vision. Two cases later, our case was called.  I had submitted this long 3.5 page victim impact statement last July but had made a new one that was much shorter.  I knew that I would have to approach the court and it would be for all to hear. The judge started to hear both sides of the story from both the prosecutor and Jordan’s attorney, who tried to down play the sexual assault of a minor he committed in the UK.  Like really?  He pled GUILTY to it!!!  How are you going to downplay that he’s not a child molester?  That really burned me but I wasn’t going to get hit with contempt of court over it. The judge started to recite his past misdeeds with 9 charges in 7 jurisdictions of writing bad checks starting in 1984.  Then his convictions in the UK and years of not getting caught in the US until recently.  The judge said that his repetitive pattern of behavior represents serious offenses.  That his extensive fraud and deception to the present case is also very serious. Previous jail sentences, community services and fines had not deterred him.   His conduct was criminal and subject to punishment, given my disturbing statement as he had read my previous, long impact statement and the statements of his other victims. He was given 130 days credit for the time served from April 22nd to August 29th.  He had to pay $155 in fines plus my nearly $4400 in restitution which he did then pull out a check to give to his attorney who gave it to the prosecutor who then gave it to me with this entire transfer being on record. He also has to supply the state with a DNA sample so that any DNA cases could be compared to him in the future. He agreed to all of it and via his attorney wanted nothing but to atone for what he had done, pay me back and to truly repent (BULLSHIT!).  He also said his parents had been ill (his dad didn’t look so ill bowling a couple of months ago all smiles and personality) and that his mom had been in and out of the hospital since he was bailed out with he being her primary care taker.  This is also bullshit because his Vermont victim who still had access to his bank account said he had been near Bennington, VT for the last multiple weekends spending his money at restaurants and stores.  But that’s caring for his oh so sickly mother?  Oh and the mother he told the Vermont victim that she had died and he was coming into some big inheritance that he was going to split with her and put into a trust for her child?  I can’t believe he lied bold faced right there to his attorney and the judge.  Again, not my place to correct it and to put myself in trouble.  After all was agreed to and the appeal statement signed, he was sentenced and handcuffed, led away by the prison guard.  Within 3 hours he was listed as an inmate at the Burlington County Jail.  Home sweet home.  Within a week or so he will be sent with the other inmates who are relegated to state prison for sorting and from there he will be placed in his final facility.  That will be viewable on the New Jersey department of corrections page.  His whereabouts will be public information.  He should serve the entire 3 years of his sentence, minus those 130 days, so for 2 years and 235 days, the women of the Delaware Valley can feel safe and sound – at least from this man and only for a while.  I have NO QUALMS in my mind that he will get out and do it again.  His attorney made it sound like I needed to move on with my life and don’t get me wrong, I am moving on with my life.  But I will never stop being a thorn in this man’s ass, making it as hard as possible for him to defraud another woman in this area or anywhere.  I know it’s a futile plight, but as long as I’m bringing awareness, that’s all I can do.

Here is a photo of Jordan and his attorney while I was reading my victim’s impact statement:


Here are also 2 articles that have already come out tonight about the case today:

Burlington County Times




The Support and Controversy

After months of filming, my Datline NBC episode aired to 6.74 million viewers across the country.   I live tweeted during the boardcast, In an hour my social media blew up to proportions I couldn’t imagine.  This blog received nearly 5,000 views, multiple comments.  My facebook page received hundreds of comments and texts poured in constantly.   The large marjority of the feedback was positive with a percentage of people who only focused on the negative and COMPLETELY lost the whole purpose of the show which was to educate men and women in the deceptive practices of sociopathic con artists, expose the country to William Allen Jordan as a person and hopefully find new victims who can create new cases against him to get him off the streets away from humanity for as much and as long as possible to minimize his impact on women and children.  There were people who just judged me on the termination alone – some stating they had turned it off when they heard that.  Like really?  Last I checked this country was a free one and I had the right to choose.  I spent a long time trying to explain my motive, my reasons and what a difficult choice it was at the time until I was blue bue people are going to hold firmly onto their long held beliefs and not amount of deductive reasoning will ever sway them.  Then there was the majority of people who said I missed obvious red flags, was desperate, naive, stupid, idiotic, etc.   Let me tell you folks, I’m not losing sleep over your opinions of me.  There are 6 billion people in this world and the input of a few hundred to a thousand really don’t rank really high on my give a shit meter.  Dateline and I filmed over 7 hours of footage, my interview with Dennis Murphy being almost 4 hours by itself if not longer.  It was a whole year’s worth of information that had to be crammed down to 40 minutes of television so there is no way the whole entire story with every little detail explain and told.  Even in this blog I don’t even have all of the details because I’m saving that for the book where I can go more in depth with the details, my thoughts and feelings.  Here are some FAQ’s that came up repeatedly:

  • Some people were confused and thought that I continued to let Jordan be around my children after I found out he was a child molester – false.  He never stepped foot in my house or near my kids again after that.
  • That I didn’t go to the authorities when I found out he was a child molester – partial truth.  I didn’t get the police inovlved for a couple of weeks becuase I just didn’t know where to start and was building evidence to go to the authorities and I had made a call to the Burlington County Prosecutor’s office 2 weeks after I found out.  It’s not like you can just go to the police with these kinds of accusations and no proof or else they will just laugh you out of the station.  I wanted to be sure and positive that charges wouldn’t get thrown out.
  • I failed report him as a sex offender – false.  His conviction was in the UK and when he was deported here, he didn’t have to list as a Megan’s Law offender.  I am working with the Camden County Proesecutor’s Office who is working with the US Marshals office to get him listed.  There is a process to everything and everything takes time.
  • I was desperate – false.  I haven’t been in a relationshp since then, so if I’m so depserate why am I not hopping man to man?
  • That I was not selective with who I sleep with – false.  Jordan and I didn’t take our relationship physical for months and the pregnancy was planned at the time.  It’s not like I was some promiscuous floozy who was reckless, this was a choice that we had made together but with me obviously not having all of the facts as to the identity of Jordan.
  • That I was naive and didn’t do a check – false.  I paid for a background check based on the information that I had and of course nothing came up.  Why?  Because Liam Allen didn’t exist like all of his other alias identies.  It’s why I am so adamant about publishing all of his aliases as I get them so that he can’t hide behind them anymore.
  • That I’m naive – possibly.  Is anyone in this life perfect?  Has nobody ever been lied to?  Perhaps not to this kind of an extent, but when you love someone you tend to trust them and take them at their word.  Until that point I have never experience anyone who was just so willful and spiteful to want to purposely deceive people without flinching and making ti seem so natural.  You all saw the footage – his mannerisms were so natural and matter of fact.  He always had an air of confidence in everything he said as if it was the gospel truth.  Until the very end, why would i have a reason to not believe or trust someone who was begging me to put blind faith in them?
  • I was a vigilante out for revenge – false.  I was out for justice.  If I just moved on after finding out what I did, what purpose would that solve?  Put my head in the sand and make it someone else’s problem?  Let him molest another child, let him scam another single mom, impregnant another impressionalbe girl with a baby that he’ll never take care of?  I don’t know any of the vitcims in the US who came before me as they traveled their own road with him and have their own reasons and purposes for not having him prosecuted, but if one of them would have taken this road, it wouldn’t have happened to me.  I hope that I have empowered other women to stand strong and firm against men who take advantage of them and not be ashamed of what happened but let it be a cautionary tale.

Another thing was the rape/sex by fraud/deception.  Ok, we filmed Dateline last summer and at the time I was calling it rape by fraud.  When it was first introduced to the assembly of New Jersey, it was called rape by deception but a lot of people were “offended” by that term, so it has been changed to sex by fraud or sex by deception.  Relax people, it’s just semantics.  It’s not meant to offend people or dismiss people who have been victims of traumatic rape, but not giving knowing consent to the person you are sleeping with is STILL RAPE.  When did lying so badly to a sexual partner became OK in this country?  When did this become permissible?  I am here to tell you that I am not going anywhere with this idea and will work on changing the views of how people view sex by deception and egregious lying for the sake of sex.  It’s NEVER OK and I received a lot of emails and facebook messages from people who told me their own stories and supported the idea of rape by deception because they felt violated too.  But guess what? Like traumatic rape NOBODY TALKS ABOUT IT and I’m here to keep the dialogue open and going in this country.

I was up nearly all night long Sunday night replying to every single person who messaged, emailed or contacted me through the blog.  I felt the need to do it, especially if someone had the good graces to take time out of their life to search me and send me a message, especially to lend support, tell me their stories or just to lift me up with their prayers.  Know I read all of them and replied to every one that I got.  I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart and appreciate that there was more support than criticism. To update everyone, 2 past victims have come forward to me which only just validates that what I did was the right thing. So to all of the naysayers, stick it.  He told one girl that he was a pediatric doctor working for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and she even met him there for lunch in the cafeteria.  He had what seemed to be hospital supplied scrubs.  A victim from a few months ago said he told her he was a pediatric trauma nurse in Philadelphia and apparent sent her the same photo of him in scrubs. One victim said he often had hundreds if not thousands of dollars in cash on him (probably victim money) and she never paid for anything, but then there are those like me that he did nothing but take and take and take.  Here is the offending scrub photo:

att_1422240146602196 (1)

Another victim who came forward from a few years ago said they met when he was a mail room file clerk for a company that is local.  Obviously this man has a variety of “jobs” but in reality nothing is ever more than entry level as evidenced by him working at Macy’s in the Cherry Hill Mall just before Christmas.  Yeah, he lost that job becuase he was recognized so much and people reported him.

A disturbing fact came forward to me recently – he has been spending his weekends in Vermont, around the vicinity of Brattleboro or thereabouts.  I am sure that he is trolling for a new sweetheart if he hasn’t found one already in order to con before he goes back to jail next week.  He may be wanting to escape the local news here and go somewhere he doens’t think he will be recognized, so if you know someone in Vermont, in that area, share and share and share about this man.  He needs to not be able to escape prosecution next week (the 6th), not that Dateline doesn’t air coast to coast, in perpetuity of reruns anyway.

For those who couldn’t view the Dateline NBC episode live, here is a link to view it whenever you want and as many times as you want as well as to share it, especially with friend and family living in the Northeast.

Until next time…


NBC’s Dateline Airs the Story of Will Jordan — January 25, 2015

I have been following this blog for a while and appreciate the support and explanation of William Jordan’s motives.

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The problem with psychopaths is that some of them will go for “low-hanging” fruit and target victims who are especially vulnerable because it’s easy to deceive and manipulate folks who are already needy by dint of what life has brought them.  For example, people who have a history of prior abuse, people who have developmental challenges, disabilities, lack of education or career success, loneliness, poor family support, and so on.  Anyone who wants nothing more than to be loved and accepted is an easy target for psychopathic charm.  Prior victimization means that…

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